Lush Christmas Favourite

Yes that’s right Lush Cosmetics Christmas range is out!! Lush cosmetics always do the prettiest bath bombs and bubble bars ever. At Christmas I think Lush really out do themselves by bringing out the cutest and prettiest bath bombs, melts and bubble bars ever. I also think they are the perfect Christmas presents for girls in particular, I know I’d be pretty happy to receive any of the lush range as a present. Now that winter is upon us and baths are a necessity to keep cosy and warm, I thought I would tell you my stand out favourite from the Christmas range, prepare your self for cuteness..


Yes of course its the Christmas Penguin,  not only are they ridiculously cute (almost too cute to use) they smell amazing to. If you’re a fan of Lush’s Olive Branch shower gel you will love this, It’s such a fresh, clean smell but there’s also something really comforting about it. Lush says it contains orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil that will refresh and uplift, with cornflour  that will soften the water. You just crumble it under warm running water and it makes lots of bubbles, you also  break it in half  to get a couple more baths out of the product! I would really recommend popping into lush and giving this a sniff, and also check out the rest of the Christmas range as there is so many amazing things out this year!

Other favourites of mine are..

Shoot for the stars bath bomb, if you’re a lover of sweet smells you will love this.

The melting snow man bath melt, this has very sweet, cinnamon and almond smell to it

Candy Mountain, this smells like just like the famous Snow Fairy shower gel which smells like candy and sweets.

I am definitely going to be trying out more of the Christmas range by Lush.

What are some of your favourite Lush products?

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