Sweater weather.


Christmas Jumpers

That’s right I’m going to be talking about Christmas jumpers. This year Christmas themed jumpers seem to have really taken off and everywhere is selling them! There like Marmite you either love them or hate them, I know I can’t help but smile when browsing the shops seeing all the cute, festive jumpers, and laughing at the cringey, novelty ones! Whether you’re looking for a warm more wearable festive jumper that doesn’t have to just be worn on Christmas day, or a funny, novelty one to get everyone laughing, there is something in the shops for you at the moment, but be quick as they are selling fast!

ASOS christmas dress
£38 asos.com

Topshop sweater
£50 topshop.com

Asos sweater
£35 asos.com

Christmas sweater
£24.99 – newlook.com

Christmas sweater
£16.99 – daisystreet.co.uk

Fair isle jumper
£16.99 – daisystreet.co.uk

Christmas sweater
£16.99 – daisystreet.co.uk

Christmas sweater
£27.99 – newlook.com

Christmas sweater
£27.99 – newlook.com

Vesta Elf Novelty Christmas Jumper In Red
£16.99 – daisystreet.co.uk

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