Random December Favourites.

Heres some of my favourite things that aren’t beauty related from December.


I am in love with these fawn ornaments, I have a slight obsession with fawns at the moment and have been looking for some fawn ornaments for my room for ages! Believe it or not I found these in Tesco, for the bargain price of £1.50 each!!! Shocked? I was.  I think they are so cute and such a cute little touch for my bedroom.


I got these Yankee Candle gift sets for Christmas from my lovely mum, I love Yankee Candles I think there one of the few candles that really fill your whole room with their scent. They are packaged like little houses and I think they are so cute, you get 12 sampler candles in different scents in each set, so I now have 24 candles. One of the sets has more Christmas fresh smells and the other is more sweet, foody smells both are great. You can get these from QVC and they contain some of the American scents we can’t get hold of in the UK!


As you probably know Tartan has been very on trend this winter. I had been looking for a nice tartan scarf for ages, and I finally found one in Asda! It’s really nice quality, a good size and the best thing is that it didn’t break the bank!


As well as an obsession with woodland animals, I also have a bit of a thing for elephants. This necklace is from a jewellery shop where I live called Volcano, they do some really lovely unique pieces of jewellery in this shop and a lot of its one off’s or there’s only a few of the item, its probably my favourite jewlerry shop ever. I think this necklace is so cute and simple, it has little stones called Marcasite in the elephant’s body and it wasn’t to expensive at about £29.


Meet my fluffy microwavable elephant from TK Maxx, which I still need to name! This is another Christmas present and its the softest thing ever, you take its little wheat bag out of its pouch in its tummy and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minuets and then you can snuggle up to a warm cuddly elephant ( I am 19 honestly). It’s also really good to put on stomach when you have stomach aches or to put on any aches and pains you have and it has a relaxing smell of lavender.


A lot of presents cropping up in this post, but again this was a Christmas present and I have been wanting this perfume for ages! It’s the Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb perfume, rather pricey but smells amazing. I am really rubbish at describing scents, but its a very girlie, pretty, floral with a bit of sweetness to it, find out more about this perfumes scent HERE.


    January 2, 2014 / 10:42 pm

    Nice Christmas presents! Lovely post. Keep it up.

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