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 I literally don’t know what I would do without music, life would be so boring. I love how many emotions a song can make you feel, whether it’s a sad song, love song or feel good song or that song that makes you feel all of the above. My favourite genres of music are Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Pop and Rock. I am always looking for new bands and singers to listen too, so  I thought I would share with you, my current music favourites in the hope you will enjoy them as much as I do, or share with me some of your favourites.



A girl I recently discovered is Lauren Aquilina, I don’t think she’s very well-known yet but she will be, she is amazing. Her voice is beautiful, one in particular I really like to belt out alone in my room  is ‘Fools’, I’d say her music is pop but with a slight edge on it, which is probably why I like it. She has two albums one called ‘Sinners’ and another called ‘Fools’.



 This is a bit of a golden oldie, Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen. I have always known this song but it was a bit before my time, I heard this more recently on the film ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ and I love it, I cannot stop playing it, its such a feel good song and it makes me want to sing and dance around the house. I would properly class the genre of this song as a bit Alternative.

mzi.sdlzbzkz.170x170-75I found this next song from the film ‘The First Time’ and I instantly  had to shazam it (an app that listen to songs and tells you who the song is by) I think it’s a really easy listening song, not depressing and sad, but not super happy, but I still think it’s a feel good song as its like a happy love song.  There a brother and sister duo and  their called ‘The Belle Brigade’ and this song is called ‘Sweet Louise’, iTunes describes them as Alternative.

48bf8d4b6f1216a67e1a3c7de30e5f52This next small group are called ‘Meadowlark’ it has 2 boys and a female lead singer. I saw them play live when they we’re supporting Gabrielle Applin and I’d never heard of them but they we’re so so good live. I really wish I had bought a CD as they don’t sale them online yet and there songs aren’t on Spotify or iTunes, so for now its YouTube or Soundcloud, I’d say there quite Alternative and folk sounding.  They aren’t very well-known at all yet, so give them a listen, I love all there songs ‘Forlorn’ ‘Family Tree’ and ‘I’ve got you’!

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I can’t not include Gabrielle Applin, she’s like an all time favourite of mine, I used to be obsessed with her song ‘Home’ before she was even famous and well-known. I saw her live in November and she is so talented, I think she’s flawless, I cannot fault any of her songs, which is why I’m not recommending a particular song because the whole album is amazing and you should definitely check her out. The album is called ‘English Rain’, and I’d say she is pop, but with an Alternative edge!


I have really been enjoying ‘The 1975’ at the moment, there songs are so catchy, especially the song ‘Chocolate’. I can’t pick a favourite song so just check out there album which is called ‘The 1975’, I think their music is Indie Rock/Alternative.



Bit of a random mixture there,  I could make a list as long as my arm but I think you guys might get a bit bored, I have song all time favourite singers and bands I listen too but this is just a few of the less well-known songs and albums I like a lot. Seems like Alternative and pop is what I am enjoying most at the moment. Wasn’t sure if this post was worth doing or not, so let me know if its something you would like to see every now and then!

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