What To Wear – Concert

I know whenever I’m going to a concert to see a singer or band I always struggle with what to wear, so I thought I’d do a post on what I think perfect outfit for a concert would be. I think choosing what to wear depends on what kind of concert your going too, but I’ve done this based on what concerts I would be likely to go too so music like Alternative, Indie, Acoustic, Rock, Folk and Pop.

What To Wear - Concert

I think a checked shirt is perfect for a concert, there really casual and you could be wearing something really plain, throw this over the top and your good to go. The shirt I have chosen is from River island its oversized with a green, white and black tartan print. The reason I chose a shirt like this is because I think its pretty practicable for a concert, you can wear it undone like a jacket, but if it gets too hot as concerts usually do, you can take it off and because it’s so light weight easily fit it into your bag.

The Next item I picked to wear under the shirt is a plain white T-Shirt from Topshop, sounds a bit boring I know, but I think they can look really simple and cool underneath a shirt with a chunky necklace.

There also quite light weight so they don’t get you too hot. Then I chose to pair some dark jeans with the shirt and white T-shirt, the ones I picked are the Joni Jeans just because they are super comfy, you could also tuck in the front of the t-shirt just so it shows off more of your shape. But if you would prefer to add a more feminine touch to the outfit I think this black skater skirt with the white t-shirt tucked in and some tights would be cute.

You wan’t to wear something flat and comfortable on your feet and to wear with jeans I picked a pair of super comfortable converse from ASOS, these are the Black Suede Hi top trainers with a furry lining, I like these because there a bit different to the classic converses everyone has and there in the sale at the moment! To wear with the skirt if you’re not a fan of the whole skirts and trainers look I picked some flat cut out chelsea boots from River Island.

The outfit is quite plain so I wanted to add some accessories, I picked some dangley earnings from ASOS to add a bit of a feminine touch to the outfit, which are Hamsa Hands with an evil eye detail on the post, along with the earnings I’d recommend wearing a chunky statement necklace, I did include one but I then realised it was a bracelet (my bad).

When going to a concert you need to make sure you have a secure bag as your going to be in amongst crowds of people and the last thing you need is something being stolen, this one is from H&M and has a fold over flap bit  with a popper clasp and a zip inside so its nice and secure. You can wear it across your body or over your shoulder and its a nice size, not too big but not too small.

Links –

River Island Tartan Shirt

Topshop White T-Shirt

Topshop Joni Jeans

River Island Skater Skirt

Fluffy Converse

River Island Cut Out Chelsea Boots

Hamsa Hand Earrings 

H&M Bag

Hope you like the items I have chosen, let me know in the comments if you have any ‘What To Wear’ requests!

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