Feel Good Friday.


   There is something about having flowers in my room or around my house that is really uplifting and makes me happy, It’s probably a girl thing, so sorry boys this one might not be very relevant to you. So I bought me and my mum a bunch of daffodils each for £1 in Tesco the other day (bargain) and there is something about flowers that lift your mood, even if it’s just for a second when you notice them, but there pretty, they smell nice and they come in so many variety and colours. They just remind me of happiness and summer, and I normally hate buying flowers that are just buds and haven’t flowered yet because I’m impatient and wanted them to look nice, but it’s actually a good thing, its nice waking up each day and noticing more and more flowers appear from the buds that were there before. Also with all the grey cold weather about at the moment and everyone missing summer, flowers remind me off summer so its like having a little bit of spring and summer around the house, even though its icky weather outside.

My Mums Daffodils

My Mums Daffodils

So your probably thinking why are you telling me about your love for flowers? well I think you should treat yourself, don’t wait for your boyfriend, husband or a special occasion to be bought flowers, go by some for yourself, because you deserve to treat yourself and love yourself. If you don’t want to buy flowers for yourself, buy them for your Mum, Sister, Girlfriend, Nan, Aunty or whoever that important female in your life may be (or male), surprise them, show them you care and your thankful for everything they always do. I think we always wait for a special occasion or moment to buy someone flowers or a little present, but I think a random cute surprises are the best, when you’re not expecting something, it really makes you feel special that they thought of you. Not only will they enjoy seeing pretty flowers, they will think of you and what you done for them every time they look at them and feel happy.


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