50 Facts About Me

                      50 Fact About Me
 So I thought it would be nice if you guys could get to know me a bit more, I write all these blog posts about my life, fashion and my opinions on things, yet you probably don’t know much about me as a person. I always see the ’50 Facts About Me Tag’ floating around on YouTube and blogs so I thought I’d give it ago.

1. I am 5 foot and 3.5 inches, don’t forget the half, its very important when you as short as me!

2. My feet we’re measured at a size 2.5, but because my feet are so wide, I have to where a size 4, they are what I like to call my pig trotters

3.My favourite place to get Coffee and Hot Chocolate is Costa

4. I’ve never tried a Starbucks, accept for the ones you can buy in Tesco

5. I have the smallest hands ever, and people are forever telling me, again like pig trotters

6. I have a real passion for Make up and fashion

7. I currently don’t own any High end make-up products, I will be changing that very soon

8. My daily make-up usually consists of winged eye-liner

9. I had braces for 2 years, I even had to wear a head brace at night (I give you permission to laugh)

10. I have to take tablets everyday called Setraline for depression and OCD

11. I have 9 piercings, my tongue, my nose, top of my ear, my rook, bit in-between my lobes and cartalidge and 4 in my lobes

12. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was about 12 because I was so scared

13. I used to have a rabbit called Smoochey,  I have no idea where that name came from, my parents tried to change my mind but my heart was set on a pet rabbit called Smoochey!

14. I live in the south west of the UK, in Dorset, right by some amazing beaches

Edited - 403143_10152265024845467_1976409207_n

15. I’m not really a fan of any alcohol, I don’t mind drinking some like amaretto, baileys or a cocktail but I’d rather have a non alcoholic drink (boring I know)

16. My birthday is the 25th of May 1994 (feel free to get me a present this year)

17. My star sign is a Gemini and I think it fits my personality perfectly 

18. My favourite drink is Belvoir Elderflower Presse, its amazing

19. I LOVE dogs

20. I have a slight obsession with anything cute with deer’s, foxes, elephants and owls on it, clothes, accessories or home decor you name it I will most likely like it

21. I have lots of tattoo ideas, but I have yet to man up and get them done

22.My Tumblr is like a book of pictures and quotes that I like or inspire me, its like a diary http://anna-mariee.tumblr.com/

23 .If I could be an animal I’d choose to be a dog, because they get lots of cuddles and attention and they live a pretty much worry free life


24. I love having candles in my room, Yankee Candles are my favourite


25. My favourite soap is Coronation Street

26.  I watch and I am subscribed A LOT of You Tubers, if I’m not watching TV I will be watching YouTube videos

27. My feet are always cold

28. I hate my feet and neck being tickled

29. One of my favourite foods is Pasta

30. I get told I look like Katy Perry rather a lot (I don’t, but I wish I did)

31. Music is EVERYTHING to me, not sure what I’d do without it

32. My ideal careers would be You tuber, florist, dog groomer or something involving fashion and make-up

33. I worked at McDonald’s once upon a time


34. I love hot bubbly baths and I pretty much always watch something on my laptop in there

35. I call my mum ‘Mother Duck’ I don’t know why, I think I heard people say ‘Mother Hen’ but I’ve always said Duck and its stuck, she calls me ‘ling’ short for duckling – quack

1238161_10153123719985467_812657044_n (1)

36. I’ve been single for far too long

37. I have blue eyes

38. My favourite holiday or special occasion is Christmas, I love everything about it

39. I love all things vintage

40.  I have never succeeded in putting fake eyelashes on successfully

41. I used to have white blonde hair when I was younger


42. I can never decide on a favourite film because I love too many

43. My favourite fruit is Mango

44. If I really like a song I play it over and over again until I no longer like it

45. I have a green TY beanie buddy rabbit called Hiperty, that I’ve had since I was young and I still sleep with her in my bed

46. My favourite chocolate is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

47. One day I want to go to New York near Christmas, as I’ve heard the lights are pretty amazing


48. I hate cooked carrots, I can only eat them raw

49. I HATE the feeling of talcum powder, flour and things like dried clay on my hands, it literally makes me want to gag, even thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable

50.  I love being in comfy pjs


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