#NextLFWOutfit Competition

Next LFW Blogger Competition


I am apart of the Next Blogger Network, which you register to be apart of HERE.  They are currently hosting a LFW (London Fashion Week) outfit competition, where you have to style an outfit you would  wear for LFW catwalk show using clothes from the Next.co.uk website.

Lipsy Off Shoulder Midi Dress

I have chosen this dress because I think it is really classy and feminine, but the embroidered lace and scallop detailing around the shoulders and bottom of the dress give it a bit of a different edge to your average LBD (little black dress). The scalloped and lace off the shoulder detailing is really what makes this dress something special, I think off the shoulder items of clothing are very flattering and sexy without being too revealing, I really like how fitted midi dresses show of your curves but are still flattering and classy coming just above the knee, making this dress the perfect balance of classy and sexy.  I really like the contrast between the nude and the black their very timeless colours and its very hard to pull off a nude colour so I like the fact its in flattering easy to wear areas around the bottom and off the shoulder parts of the dress.

Lipsy Leather Biker Jacket

I wanted to include a jacket, that made the dress lightly more casual and edgy,  and I think adding a leather jacket over the dress would do that. Leather jackets are so timeless and their worth investing in, there not a trend that goes out of fashion and they can be dressed up and dressed down.  I wanted to show you can make this very feminine classy dress slightly edgy and grungy, I love the contrast when an outfit is girlie and feminine but has an edgy twist on it.  Plus  during this time of year a jacket is needed or your going to get very cold,  but you can take it off when inside to show off the shoulder detailing on the dress.

High Back Sandals

This style of shoe is bang on trend at the moment, I think the strap around the ankle and over the foot is really flattering and sexy, there  not too high that walking down the catwalk your going to be worried about falling and breaking your ankle, comfort is key when it comes to heels, especially if your going to be on your feet most of the day.

Soft Cuff Clutch Bag

I like how simple this clutch bag is and I like clutch bags that look like the opening to them are just folded over,  it makes them a bit more casual, this clutch bag is a good size to slip under your arm as I find the smaller less flat clutch bags aren’t very comfortable to carry under your arm. I wanted to keep the accessories quite chunky and not very delicate again to add a bit of edge to the dress.

Gun Metal Chain Bracelet,  Bespoke Crystal Leaf Drop EarringsSilver Ring

I didn’t want to put a necklace with this dress and ruin the detail around the shoulders, I think it would be a bit too busy. So I wanted to add quite a chunky bracelet, I like this one because its got a sparkle to it without being covered in diamanté’s . Because I wasn’t including a necklace I wanted to add some earrings that would stand out, which is why I chose these crystal leaf  drop earnings, studs wouldn’t have been very noticeable and I think it’s really pretty when crystal earnings catch the light and you can notice them without them being too in your face. Again I wanted to keep the same theme throughout and add a chunky ring, plain simple band rings are really on trend at the moment, I love chunky rings and I’d definitely stack a few rings on my fingers with this one and even add some midi rings, again fitting with the edgy look I wanted to give the dress.

Make-up And Hair

I wanted to include what I would do for make-up and hair, even though this isn’t from the next website, I chose this Barry M Matte Nail polish in the colour Nude Vanilla because it goes perfect with the nude colour in the dress and Matte nails are a big trend at the moment. For eye make-up I would do a brown smoky,  grungy eye look, really smudge it out to make the whole outfit more grungy. For hair I would do a simple pony tail but use the salt spray in the end of the pony tail and really mess it up so it doesn’t look to ‘done’ and neat.

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