Staying Strong 365 Days A Year: Demi Lovato


I recently bought Demi Lovato’s book ‘Staying Strong 365 Days A Year’, I love Demi she is such an inspiration to me.  For anyone who doesn’t know who she is she’s known mainly for starring in Disney channel TV shows and for being a singer,  she’s also known a lot for her mental health struggles she voiced about not very long ago. She has struggled with eating disorders, self harm and bipolar.

She is probably one of the first celebrity’s near my age to be so open about the problems she has gone through, I respect her so much for being so brave too speak out about her struggles and the treatment she went through for the mental health problems she was suffering with. As you know I suffer with OCD, anxiety and depression, so I know how hard it is to speak openly about mental health problems, with the stigma that can be attached to it and thinking ‘will they think I’m crazy?’. She has recently started going through recovery and has a particular phrase she is known for ‘Stay Strong’ which she also has tattooed on her wrists.


 I always wanted her to bring out an auto biography because I find her so inspiring and easy to relate too, so when I heard about this book I had to buy it.



I usually hate reading and if your a person like me that struggles to finish a book, this book will be right up your street. Its mean’t to be read a page a day as its dated at the top for example ‘February 4’ and each day it has a quote with a little bit of writing about the quote and what it means to her  and how it relates to life, then it has a goal to achieve to do with the quote.

I think its a really lovely concept and is the perfect way to start your day, reading a positive quote and seeing a goal as a little reminder to try and achieve what the uplifting quote says. Its such an easy read as its literally one page a day for 365 days, as staying strong and positive all year round is not easy, whether your battling with mental health problems or not. Not only do I love the contents of the book, but the cover and design is so lovely and its a hard cover book,  You can buy the book HERE.



I would also recommend watching the MTV documentary called Demi Lovato: Stay Strong, where she talks about her story and struggles with mental health and goes into a lot more detail about her journey, treatment and her time currently going through recovery. It’s very inspiring, so if you can find it online I’d really recommend giving it a watch. Also check out her music, she’s very talented and I love her songs as a lot of them we’re written during her struggles and treatment so there very strong , inspiring or touching songs, especially the songs ‘Sky Scraper’ and ‘Warrior’.

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