Feel Good Friday


 I will start off by apologising  for the lack of blog posts recently, but my keyboard is broken so I am borrowing one until mine is fixed,I think I am suffering with blogging withdrawals, so its good to be back at it! The picture above made me laugh so I thought I would make it apart of today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ blog post, I love music, it has helped me through so many of my struggles with OCD and Depression. I love how a song can make you feel so many emotions, and there is one for every mood you have, happy, inspired, in love or sad etc, there is nothing better than listening to a song and relating to every single lyric in it. Its almost like some ones written a song to explain how you feel at that current time and its really comforting to be able to relate to something so much.

I cannot imagine a world without music, it would be awful, wouldn’t it? I love whacking on my favourite songs and singing really badly and loud along with them, it makes me very happy, and I like to play music obnoxiously loud, sorry not sorry to any members to my family or neighbours that get annoyed by this! I think its important to appreciate and cherish the free things  in life which can make us happy, so put on your favourite feel good song ( I recommend Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen) this song always gets me singing, turn it up and sing like  nobody’s business, if it makes YOU happy!

Happy Friday?

Anna x


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