Growing Up

I was listening to the song ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift, and if you’ve not heard this song yet, check it out, it’s really beautiful and it never fails to get me thinking about growing up and how much I miss being a child. So that’s basically what this post is going to be about, growing up and how I’ve struggled maturing and growing up with a mental illness. When you’re a child or especially a teenager, you wish those years away, wishing to be an adult so you don’t have to listen to your parents, we all do it! I am now 19 and honestly all I can say is, don’t wish those years away, it may feel like you’re a child or teenager forever but trust me those adult years will come round quicker than you think and once there gone you miss it!


I think growing up in our society is harder than ever, there is so much pressure on you to know what you want to do career wise and feeling like if you don’t achieve good GCSE’s (which is an exam you take in england, in your final year at school) your future will be nothing. When I was suffering with OCD during my final year at school, I was so confused about myself and what was going on with me, how could I possibly know what I want to do as soon as I leave school, I think teachers should be preparing us for adult life, not just for GCSE’S. They should tell us its ok, if you don’t know what or who you want to be at the moment there’s no rush take your time.

I think I thought I was all grown up during school and I feel like when I finally left school at the age of 16, it shocked me, I’d spent my whole life in education and suddenly I had to choose what I wanted to do for my future, it scared me. I knew I was going to leave school at some point but It was like I never expected it to come, perhaps I pushed it to the back of mind not realising I was scared. I now look back and realise I wasn’t as grown up as I thought I was, I was suffering with OCD and I didn’t feel ready to leave school and start planning for a career.

I think what I’m trying to say is, remember to cherish your school life and child hood, and that its ok to be scared, so what if you don’t know what you want to study and be when your older, there’s still time to discover yourself and the best way to do this is by studying and looking for things that you LOVE, without trying things how can you know what you want to do, some people do, but I am for sure not one of those.

I wish I had stayed young and innocent, for much longer than I did, but at the time I didn’t want too, these days you get into boys or girls at an earlier age, wear more revealing clothes at a young age, see explicit music videos by celebrity’s you look up too and the list goes on. I’m pretty sure at some point my parents would have told me not to rush into growing up but you tend to not listen and think ‘what do you know’ as if they we’re never a child that grew up themselves.

I’m 19 and if you are 16 and under, take it from me who wasn’t long ago 16, cherish every moment you have left in school, and to anyone who’s leaving school, stay strong and don’t be pressured into knowing what you want to do, you have time to decide, when you stop over analyzing and forcing a decision upon yourself you will be more likely discover what you want from life and who you are!


I wish I was more educated on growing up, and prepared for how hard I may find it and that everybody finds growing up different, some find it easy, others like me it will take time and it will seem scary, but its inevitable so stay strong and you will find yourself, whether it takes you 5 years and the other person 2, you will find your place in this big world just don’t rush!

Why are we taught unnecessary things at school we never use once we’re left, yet we’re barely educated on things like finding who we are, buying a house, budgeting, finances, moving out, standing on our own two feet, cooking meals, being confident with ourselves  and our abilities etc. There are so many things I still don’t know and I am having to learn, yet I can’t remember the last time I needed to remember that algebra equation I got taught in maths class!

I mean of course I’m not a teacher and know nothing about the curriculum and why they teach us what they do, but I feel like we should focus on learning its ok to grow up slowly and instead of putting huge amounts of pressure on someone to achieve GCSE results to make the school look even better, we should focus on producing happy and well-rounded pupils, that don’t leave school feeling scared and lost.


Let me know if you felt like this when you left school or if you agree with anything I’ve talked about?

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