Vintage Love

Vintage Love

 So I thought today I’d write a blog post on my love for vintage things, at the weekend I went to a place called ‘Mollys Den’ near where I live, it’s basically a huge warehouse full of different sellers vintage, or vintage looking furniture, ornaments, jewelry, records you name it they sale it! The name of it ‘Mollys Den’ is exactly what it’s like its like a huge den full of hidden, quirky weird and wonderful treasures, its huge and takes ages to look around and take it all in, but I always want to look around the whole thing so I don’t miss any hidden gems. I would love to have a house and be able to afford to fill it with unique furniture and accessories from there, there is just something I love about shabby chic and vintage things, there so cute and its like owning a little piece of history.

As I have mentioned before I have recently become obsessed with fawns (deers) especially vintage ornamental ones. I went to Mollys Den before and specifically looked long and hard for a vintage deer, but I have never found one I liked enough or wasn’t to expensive. This time I found one, I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted at first because there was a long hole in the log behind where the deer was sitting and unless I had a use for it, I didn’t really like it. But my mum said I can put little flowers in water so they stick out the top and as you can see I did exactly that with some orchids. I am very happy with it and it was a bargain price of £4, can’t go wrong!


This weekend also I bought a vintage looking notebook, it’s not vintage at all, it’s from Tesco’s! But I thought I would share it with you because the lady on the front looks very retro and like someone who worked in an airport in the 1950’s, which is one of my favourite eras, my mum said I seem to like all the 1950’s bits of bobs! Well I’ve been meaning to get a notebook to write blog ideas down and to do lists to keep me organised and this is right up my street, not going to lie I’m pretty excited about writing in it, sad I know!


Seeing vintage furniture and other things inspire me to want to up cycle old furniture and put my own stamp on them like I’ve seen in Mollys Den! I think they can take your imagination on a ride imagining where its been before you owned it, like I said earlier like a little piece of history, at first this made me uneasy ‘who owned this?’ ‘is it clean?’ etc but I’m learning its easy enough to clean an item up and make it your own and to embrace its history.  Here are some of the other vintage things I have in my room, I don’t know whether there genuinely vintage but they look it and I love them. Some were in the loft and my mum didn’t want them so I adopted them and others are from my childhood which I once thought was babyish but I now think there just quirky and bring me good memories!





What do you prefer modern and minimalist or vintage and quirky?


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