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Brows, bushes, caterpillars, slugs whatever you nick name your eyebrows we all have them and we need to make sure we pay attention to them during are daily make up routine! For a long time I was one of those girls who thought ‘What’s the point?’ ‘Will it make any difference?’ ‘I can’t be bothered etc I didn’t think they we’re any big deal. I used to over pluck my eyebrows and never bother to fill them in but I’ve realised what a difference giving your some TLC can do. Eyebrows play a massive part in how our eyes look and they frame our faces,  so I thought I would share my latest eye brow routine with you and show what a difference your eyebrows can make to your face.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara In Medium Brown

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers

Soap & Glory™ Archery™ Brow Tint and Pencil in Brownie Points

First of all I would recommend seeing a professional to either wax, thread or pluck your eyebrows into a tidy shape, without a tidy shape its hard to fill in your eyebrows as there’s not much of a guideline. I get mine waxed and its one of the best decisions I made and its definitely worth paying some money rather than plucking them yourself and risk over plucking and loosing your natural eyebrow shape! In between waxes I just pluck out any really noticeable hairs with my Vintage Cosmetic Tweezers.

I brush my eye brows through with an eyebrow brush before doing anything to my brows, so the hairs are smooth and going in the same direction, this makes it a lot easier to fill in your eye brows and follow your natural shape. To fill my eyebrows in I use the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil, this is a rather new purchase and I am really enjoying it. One end has a pencil for any bigger areas you may want to fill in and the other end has a very delicate precise felt tip like end. I start with the felt tip end and concentrate this on outer thinnest area of my eye brows and around the edges as I can get a really precise application with this. I use little brush strokes to apply this creating an almost hair like texture, giving your eyebrows a more realistic less drawn on look! I then go in with the pencil to finish off any larger areas or where there are any gaps, the great thing about this eyebrow duo is the colour is very faint which means you can build the colour up making it easy for you to control how much colour your applying so you can achieve a natural result, without them looking to harsh and drawn on!

Last but not least I take my Maybelline eyebrow mascara and apply this to my brows. I start at the thickest part of my eye brow and brush the hairs  in there natural direction and up slight at the arch of my eyebrow then taking it down the thinnest area of my eye brows, this will make sure your eyebrows will be looking neat and tidy all day, also adding a little more definition to the hairs and shape of your eyebrows. You can also apply a little bit of highlighter just on your brown bone to make your eyebrows appear lifted and your eyes more awake!


Down below I have taken some pictures to show the real difference between filling your eyebrows in and not. On the left side of the pictures my eyebrows will be natural and on the right I will have done the above steps to them!



The right where I have filled in my eyebrows, makes my eye look wider, more awake and lifts the whole of my face. On the left side you can see where I have’t filled them in, my eye looks much smaller, less awake and that side of my face doesn’t look at lifted.


 Above is the finished result of both eye brows being filled in, it really does make a huge difference to the shape of your eyes and framing your face!

Comment if the word eyebrow looks and sounds weird now I’ve written it so much, does to me!




  1. March 19, 2014 / 7:40 pm

    oh I’ve been guilty of over-plucking too. You can become so caught up in making them symmetrical, mine aren’t, and suddenly it’s overdone. Yours are really nice though, and yes, brows are super important!

    • March 19, 2014 / 7:49 pm

      I know you pluck a little off then have to match the other side up and before you know it you’ve really over done it! Aw thank you, they didn’t use to be! x

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