Feel Good Friday: Spring


The weather in the UK seems to finally be brightening up and yesterday was the first official day of spring! Flowers are starting to blossom and the sun is making a welcoming appearance, its time to brush of the remaining winter co webs lingering in your head and get a spring in your step instead! There’s something very refreshing about spring, it’s not too warm and it’s not too cold and don’t get me wrong I love winter, but now spring has arrived I feel a lot more positive and the sun seems to brighten up everyone’s moods and get people motivated. So here are some ideas I’ve come up with to get yourself in the spring mood and that I will be trying to partake in…

  • Buy some bright, pretty flowers to freshen up your home, daffodils are always a winner when it comes to spring time, they seem to be blossoming out the ground all over the place!
  • Spring clean a room or area in your house. Your bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, lounge anywhere that could do with a deep clean or some organisation, this is always refreshing and It gets some positive energy flowing through your house and you will feel positive whenever you enter that room or see what you’ve achieved. Doesn’t have to be inside, our gardens need some TLC after the harsh rainy winters we’ve had in England, plant some flowers or mow your lawn, you’ll thank yourself when it comes to summer and your spending even more time out there!
  • Buy something spring and summer appropriate, a dress, shorts, sandles, sunglasses anything that gets you excited and prepared for the warm weather. I personally love all things pastel when it comes to spring. I have recently purchased some white flat shoes that are a lot more spring appropriate than black flats or boots, sunglasses and a light grey bag as it’s always nice to add some lighter shades into your wardrobe when the weathers nice.
  • Give yourself a manicure and pedicure, our feet have been hiding away in socks, slippers and boots all winter so our feet need to get sandle ready. Soak your feet in warm water, buy yourself a foot file (gross I know, but you’ll have super smooth feet at the end), moisturise them and paint your fingers and toes in a spring colour, I’ve been really liking pastel powder blues, lilacs and vibrant orangey reds!
  • Bake something for Easter, I have seen so many weight watchers Easter recipes I want to try and I am determined to make myself bake something for Easter day. An easy one is classic chocolate nests with mini eggs inside the recipe I have is from weight watchers which you can find HERE. I will hopefully do a blog post on whatever I decide to bake and show you how it turns out!
  • Go for a walk or bike ride when the spring sun is out and take in the lovely views and appreciate the new flowers, birds about and the sun etc. Down below is a  picture I took on a recent walk I went on and I think it’s rather pretty!


I hope you this post has got you a little more excited for spring and summer if you weren’t already, let me know any things you like to do to get yourself in the spring/summer mood.

Happy Friday you lovely people,



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