Mental Health: Little Steps Are Better Than No Steps

When you suffer with a Mental Illness and you’re trying to recover and get your life back and track you tend to be very hard on yourself, you want to get better over night even though you know it’s not that easy. Whenever I used to achieve something small even if it was as small as getting up and getting dressed, walking one way down to the shops or resisting performing a OCD ritual etc which can all seem so huge when your depressed and anxious, I never gave my self credit for it’s because I felt like it wasn’t good enough or I hadn’t done as much as I’d hoped. If I had done a couple of good things during the week and one day didn’t go as planned and I didn’t resist my OCD or whatever it may be, I felt like a let down and forgot all about the little things I’d achieved. It’s easy to let the negative areas of your days to become your main focus rather than looking at the little steps you’ve taken to try to get better. When your dealing with a mental illness your going through a hard enough time as it is, focusing on the negative things will only decrease your mood and self-esteem even further.

When you achieve something that you normally find hard, write it down so when your feeling negative or things aren’t going to plan you can see that you have achieved something even if you feel like you haven’t. Little steps are better than no steps, no matter how small it is better than not doing anything, give yourself some credit for just getting through the day when you felt as if you couldn’t that in itself is an achievement, feeling depressed, like self harming, anxious or like OCD is controlling your every move is one of the hardest things someone can go through, the fact your strong enough to take that on every day is something you should be proud of!

Your not exactly where you want to be but that’s ok with little steps you will get there whether its tomorrow, next month, next year or in 3 years time, just keep taking those baby steps and never tell yourself that ‘little’ achievement wasn’t enough or wasn’t good enough.  The amount of times I think I’m doing good and achieving loads then the next week I’m back o square one, eventually after trying and trying you will achieve what you want to and move on to the next struggle, just because it didn’t work out the first time it doesn’t matter the fact you tried is a step in the right direction and is better than when you couldn’t even face trying to get out of bed, shower, resist your rituals and thoughts etc!



If you yourself doesn’t suffer with a mental illness but your friend or a family does, don’t be hard on them, I know from my parents watching me go through what I have, they only get frustrated with you because they hate seeing you like it and want the best for you. Tell the person you are proud of them when they do something that may seem so easy and small to you. Let them know they’ve done good, when you’re battling with your mind and you think negatively its hard to see that from yourself and hearing it from someone else is really lovely, sometimes people need to be told they’re doing a good job and to know someone else has noticed there achievements. If the next day or week they’ve taken a couple of steps back that’s ok too, that doesn’t make what they achieved before that any less, they still done it and they will do it again and again until they achieve something new and bigger.


I am proud of you. Stay Strong.



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