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Over time I have gotten more and more brushes and I finally think I have enough! Make up brushes are an important investment, as long as you wash them regularly they are not only a lot more sanitary than using your hands and they make the application of your make-up a lot better. You can use a different brush for each of your make up needs and find the perfect one to suit you when applying your make-up. They should last a long time if looked after and not damaged, so although they can seem a bit of splurge for a brush they are an investment that should last you well!  I thought I’d share with you what brushes I have and what I use each one for, as a lot of brushes for example may be called a ‘Foundation Brush’ but it may suit you for another need such as blusher, it’s all about finding what works for you and the make up you use!


This is pretty much all my face brushes except for one which I will talk about later. From left to right..

1. This is the Real Techniques Powder Brush, I use this all over my face with powder to set all my make up in place. Its perfect if you’re looking for a quick application, sweep this over the areas you want to set or gently pat the powder into your skin, which ever technique you prefer to use. It’s also a good brush for bronzing your face and neck quickly and easily!

2. The next brush is the Real Techniques Blush Brush, I love this brush its slightly tapered making it easy and precise to apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks. It’s also good if you want a less precise application for contouring, it gives a much softer subtle look than a smaller contouring brush. This can also be used for bronzer!

3. The next brush on the agenda is the rather famous Real Techniques Buffing Brush to get this brush you have to buy the Core Collection Kit, which isn’t ideal if your just after this brush, but its worth it! I love this brush and it is my staple brush to apply my foundation with. Mineral or liquid foundation this brush works with both, it buffs your foundation so seamlessly into your skin, so don’t feel like your foundation is sitting on top of the skin giving you that greasy faced feeling, perfection!

4. The newest but very loved brush recently added to my collection is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.  It’s a dual fibre brush and has base bristles which help pick up and hold product but also has longer feathery bristles to help give a flawless finish! Some people use this for foundation and if you prefer a much lighter application you may prefer this to the Buffing brush! I use this for blushes, it’s especially good when paired with a cream blush, you can stipple it on to the apples of your cheeks and blend. Applying cream or hard to work with blushers has never been so easy!

5. The Real Techniques Contour Brush which again can only be bought with the core collection. If you want a brush to get right into your cheek bones to contour this is the one for you,  its small and slightly tapered making it easy to precisely contour your cheeks bones, temples and jaw line! It’s also the perfect brush for applying powder highlighter to the tops of you cheek bones and down the centre of your nose.

4 & 5. I paired these two brushes together because their very similar and I don’t use these as much as my other brushes. The bigger brush with the wooden handle is the Eco Tools Bamboo Foundation Brush and the smaller one is the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush, which again can only be purchased when you buy the core collection kit. After using the buffing brush I’m not a fan of using flat brushes to apply foundation. I feel like they take a long time to smooth the product over your face and It also makes me feel like I’m just spreading it around my skin. I use the bigger one to set under my eyes and any smaller areas I can’t get too precisely with the Powder Brush. I haven’t found much of a use for the smaller real techniques brush but I personally think it’s too small to apply foundation with. Let me know if and what you use it for!

The next batch of brushes are mainly eye and little detailing brushes.


1. This first brush is from the Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, I gave a lot of my echo tools brushes to my mum which is why some won’t be featured from sets. I use this brush for gel eye liner, it makes applying gel eyeliner very precise and I find angled brushes make doing the classic cat eye flick a lot easier! This brush is also ideal for filling in your eye brows as its angled you can get precise straight lines so you can filling your eyebrows with neat edges!

2. Next is a brush I received when I purchased the Naked 3 Palette,  I find the bristles on this quite dense but it does work well when applying a shadow colour all over your eye lid and in your eye crease, but  being so dense I always go in with a fluffy brush to blend everything out so it doesn’t look so harsh.

3. This is the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush which comes in the Starter Kit. I use this for my concealer, It’s the perfect size to blend out the concealer under your eyes and because it’s quite dense you can pat the concealer over blemishes so it gives you more coverage on any needed areas. I find this brush a little too dense and big to use in the crease of my eye, I prefer something a little more precise and fluffy but I’m not very skilled when it comes to eye shadow so it may work for you!

4. Another brush which comes in the Real Techniques starter kit is the Base Shadow Brush, which is exactly what I use this for. It’s a nice fluffy brush so it’s so quick and easy to sweep your eye-shadow all over the eye lid. I also find this perfect to use in the crease of my eye, it does all the blending for you and It seems to be the perfect size for the crease of my eye!

5. The Brow Brush also from the  Real Techniques Starter Kit,  It does work well for brows as I think angled brushes are best when it comes to filling in your eye brows. But I do prefer a slightly smaller brush when filling in my brows. I think it could be used along the last line with eye shadow to create definition and a winged out effect on the eyes, then blended for a smoky eye.

6. This is the Real techniques Pixel- Point Eye Liner Brush which also comes in the Starter Kit, I find this brush a little scary to use with eye liner as its tapered but not quite fine enough for someone as clumsy as me, but if you’re an eye liner expert this may well work for you. I don’t get enough use out of this brush!

7. The next brush is from the Starter Kit AGAIN and its the Accent Brush. I use this brush for applying eye shadow along my lower and upper lash line because its small and dense. I also find this brush good to blend pencil eye-liner along the lower and upper lash line for a smoky eye!

8. This small brush is from the Core Collection Kit mentioned earlier and its the Detailer Brush, this is a good brush for the lips. If applying a bold colour from lipstick tube isn’t precise enough for you like it isn’t for me, then dabbing this brush on the lipstick then applying it with the brush makes things a lot easier,  you won’t end up with smudges and risk going over your natural lip line!

9 & 10. Last but not least is another two brushes from Eco Tools, from a 5 Piece Travel Set. The fluffy brush is an eye shading brush which I use to blend my eye shadow out with and make sure there’s no harsh lines. The flat brush is a concealer brush, which I used to use for concealer, but now I mainly use it for cream eye-shadow all over the lid, as I find fluffy brushes obviously don’t pick up a cream product, so a dense flat brush swept across the eye seems to work well.

I hope this post wasn’t too long and boring, had a lot of brushes to get through! Let me know in the comments if you use any of the same brushes as me for the same or different uses as I do!



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