Feel Good Friday: Boring Friday Night? Pamper Time.



So this post is one of those really typical blogs aimed at girls.  If you’re at home flicking through the TV and film channels looking for something to watch and wishing you we’re out at that party or out drinking with your friends, then this could be an idea for you! Instead of moping and feeling sorry for yourself, take some time for yourself and have a pamper evening! I have made a list of things you are going to need for the perfect pamper session, to leave you feeling ready to take on the weekend.

1. Take your make up off! No I don’t mean grab a make up wipe, I mean grab your cleanser and really clean the make up that has been sitting on your face all day off. It will leave you feeling fresh faced and ready for the next steps I’m going to mention.

2. Run a hot bath with your favourite bubble bath, bath bomb or bath oil, have dim lighting and light a candle to really relax you. Whilst the bath is running, start applying a face mask of your choice, so your skin can have a treat whilst you’re soaking up the bubbles!

3. Relax in bath and try to switch your mind off, in the bath take the time to shave your legs so you feel as smooth as a baby’s bum and try using a body scrub after to leave your skin even silkier! Last but not least wash of the face mask to reveal your pampered face!

4. Once your out the bath grab your cosiest, most comfortable PJ’s ready to put on. First make sure you moisturize your body now its super soft and also don’t think forget to apply the rest of your facial skin care. Your skin is feeling noticeably nourished, face and body!

5. Next put some music, a TV programme, film or a YouTube video on to watch whilst you give your hands and feet some attention. Time to pick out some nail polish colours and give your hands and feet a manicure and pedicure. Being just out the bath is the best time to push your cuticle’s back because there soft. File and buff those nails and don’t forget to apply a top and base coat before and after your chosen colour, this will protect your nails and help the nail polish last longer!


This isn’t a step but adding chocolate and a hot drink of your choice in here somewhere is definitely a winner! After all these steps you will be feeling relaxed and ready to take on the weekend and all its shenanigans. When everyone’s complaining about being tired and hung over, you are going to be feeling and looking better than ever!

Happy Friday,



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