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After spending the time applying nail polish and making your nails look pretty, there is nothing more irritating than when the nail polish starts to chip within a day or two! It feels like a waste of time and nail polish, of course some nail polishes generally have better staying powder than others but a huge factor for getting your nail polish to stay for longer is a good base and top coat. I have tried lots of different ones most recently a Revlon base coat and also a Sally Hansen top coat. Unfortunately my experiences were less than impressive which I’m only just realising after using the Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener.

Barry M is my ultimate favourite nail polish brand, they have a huge range, they apply nicely, they are extremely affordable at £2.99 each and they seem to last a reasonable amount of time on my nails. I thought nail varnish just generally didn’t last very long on my nails but recently after using Barry M’s Clear Coat before and after applying my nail varnish, I have noticed my nail varnish has been lasting a lot longer than normal. For just £2.99 I think this is an absolute steal compared to the Sally Hansen Top Coats which vary in price depending on which formula you buy, but the one I had was £6.39. I know a lot of people swear by the Seche Vite Top Coat which costs £9.00, I haven’t tried this but that is rather pricey for a nail varnish!  I personally think Barry M is an all-rounder and does 3 jobs in one, I’m not sure if It hardens my nails or not, but it’s definitely my current top top coat, if your looking for a decent drugstore top and base coat then I would nip to your local Boots or Superdrug and pick this one up!




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