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I have seen these ‘By Terry Ombre Blackstar’ eye shadow sticks mentioned by a couple of YouTuber’s recently and I gave in and purchased some. At £28.00 each Its safe to say I well and truly splurged and yes I felt guilty. Let me just say they are worth the money, I am in love. After seeing YouTuber Zoella use the shades ‘Frozen Quartz’ and ‘Blond Opal’ in her ‘Fresh, Spring Make Up Tutorial which you can see HERE, I really wanted to purchase these two shades. I also saw Tanya Burr sporting the shade ‘Misty Rock’ in a few of her YouTube videos recently and It looked gorgeous, and that my friends is how I ended up with 3 shades of these expensive but gorgeous eye shadow sticks.

These creamy eye shadow sticks glide over your eyelids smoothly without dragging your eyelids or having to apply too much pressure. They are so pretty, there like a shimmer lose pigment but in an easy to use stick form. The delicate shimmer’s that run through the products catch the light as you blink and flutter those lashes. I love how a quick sweep of one of these eye shadow sticks all over the eye lid then blending it out, looks like you’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting your eyes to look that pretty, when in reality its quick and simple. They are made with a waterproof no smear formula, so they stay put throughout the day or night, they also don’t seem to crease! Although of course they do fade throughout the day but after swatching them on my hands and washing them multiple times, I still have faint swatch marks on my hands. There perfect for a quick day time eye look but also perfect to create a effortless smouldering smokey eye, with their variety of shades and buildable colours. With the gold packaging and the beautiful creamy light catching eye shadow stick it really feels luxurious. I can tell I am going to get so much wear out of these , as I haven’t stopped using them since receiving them, I cannot recommend them enough! I had never used or heard much about ‘By Terry’ products before but I would definitely consider trying out some other products after enjoying these so much!

I don’t think the creases on my eyelids are due to the product, that’s just how my eyelids are!



I haven’t worn ‘Blond Opal’ all over the eye lid, but its a lovely gold champagne colour. I personally love using this in the inner corners of my eyes, to brighten and open up my eyes.


I love this colour, it’s so pretty. I would describe it as a baby almost peachy pink. Perfect day time and spring shade!


Again another gorgeous colour. In this picture it looks very similar to ‘Frozen Quartz’. Its much darker than ‘Frozen Quartz’ and also has more browney, purpley under tones (I’m rubbish at describing colours). It looks lovely in the day but I think it would look lovely in the evening by building up the colour and adding some darker eye shadow shades or winged eye liner.

Have you tried the any of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar shades and did you love them as much as me?



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