OCD: Brains Are Like Sponges

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Through our lives we watch, read and see things and without even trying to are brains take all this information in. They are like sponges that soak up everything around you whether you want it to or not. Our brains then send us all sorts of weird and wonderful thoughts and images and for people with OCD these intrusive thoughts are very bothersome and anxiety provoking. Our brains send us thousands of thoughts everyday, which is fine until you start noticing and attaching a meaning to these thoughts. Something I’ve struggled with my OCD is distinguishing which are intrusive thoughts or weird random thoughts our brain thinks when it goes off in a tangent and which are ME. Which are my real thoughts and beliefs and which are my sponge like brain and creative brain thoughts.

People with OCD tend to get these thoughts mixed up with themselves. Although these thoughts are, our own, it does not mean because we think certain things that its fact. It does not mean if you randomly have a thought of say ‘cheating on your partner’ that’s what you really want to do. Our brains are curious and creative. Our brains like to create weird and crazy made up storeys. You know when you get a weird thought and you suddenly think ‘What was that? that’s so weird’ or ‘That’s so wrong, why did I think that?’ that is your true self speaking, the thought you found weird was just the brain being creative.

This has really helped me try to recognise my real identity and not lump myself with every thought I have. I now notice the thought after the anxiety provoking thought as the real me. Your true self is the person that notices and recognises these automatic thoughts. Don’t take random thoughts seriously, laugh at them and realise our brains are creative and can make us think weird, wonderful and scary things. I can feel my OCD doubts popping into my head as I write this ‘Is this true?’ ‘What if its not and all my thoughts are what I believe and like to think about?’ but hey this is what I’ve learnt and although I struggle to trust what I’ve been taught, OCD will make you doubt so if I am doubting I must label it OCD.

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