Feel Good Friday: Character Not Reputation


At some point everyone feels pressure to be a certain way to be accepted by people around them. I know when I was at school I definitely did, I wanted to fit in like everyone else does and its not until I left school I realised how being popular is not the be all and end all. Yes it is easier to fit in and be like everyone else that’s why we do it, but once you’re out of that situation you’re going to wish you stuck to your true character. Whether its doing something you don’t want to but everyone else is doing so you feel you have to, or liking the same music because its uncool if you don’t, letting people walk all over you because your afraid if you say something they won’t like you any more. Whatever it is remember your reputation is not worth discarding your character for, if you have to be a certain way around people and they try to make fun of you because of who you are, they aren’t the right people for you to be around. Your true character doesn’t suit them, so accept that and find friends you can be yourself and nothing but yourself around. They are the friends that will be there when you need them, the others aren’t your true friends if they laugh at you because you won’t drink alcohol, smoke, look down upon you or listen to same music as them whatever it may be. Stay true to yourself and you will find some true friends you fit in with.

Happy Friday,




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