Feel Good Friday: The Sun



Today in Dorset the sun is shinning and its actually quite warm for a change, it must be I am wearing a dress, yes I have my legs out (shocker)! It’s a known fact that sun has lots of health benefits for your moods and body! Of course sun can damage your skin if you don’t take precautions and are careless but ultimately its pretty good for you to get a bit of sun on your skin! I knew there was benefits to the sun but researching it was a little bit of an educational lesson to me to!

Reasons to soak up those rays…

  • The sun boosts your serotonin levels which is one of the hormones that makes us feel good! Science research has shown that regular time spent in the sun can alleviate the symptoms of depression especially paired with eating a balanced diet and exercising! It’s no wonder everyone is happier  when the sun is out! Hallelujah soaking up the sun can also help you lose weight. Due to the increase of serotonin levels making us happier this also decreases are appetite, which means we are less likely to eat more in the summer!

  • SAD is a condition called ‘Seasonal Affect Disorder’ its basically when someone gets very depressed in the winter due to not enough sunlight. A lot of people who suffer with this use special light boxes during the winter. Natural sunlight is a lot more effective, so try sit out in the sun or go for a walk, going for the walk will also get your endorphins and serotonin levels up!
  • Being in the sun can reduce aches, pains and stiffness, because it heats up your muscles!

  • The sun is a good source if not the best source to get vitamin D. Which our body’s need to stay healthy and keep our bones healthy.  Vitamin D deficiency can make your bones brittle and cause people to get disease’s such as Rickets! Although being unsafe in the sun can increase your risk of cancer, if you’re sensible in the sun and get enough vitamin D it decreases your chances of dying of certain cancers. Study’s have also shown that it helps with period problems due to things like Polycyclic Ovarian  Syndrome symptoms and people with PMS are also likely to be deficient in vitamin D!

  • It boosts your immune system! The sun helps us produce more white blood cells which help our body’s fight off illness, which is probably why there are less bugs and illnesses around in the summer!

  • Ladies trying to conceive a baby this ones for you! Research shows you’re more likely to conceive a baby during the summer, this is because the sun reduces the hormone Melatonin which can lessen your fertility chances. Men also produce more testosterone in the summer.
  •  Sun light exposure can also help with skin conditions such as acne or eczema!

“Turn to the sun and the shadows, fall behind you”

 There are even more health benefits from the sun than that to! You need to make sure you stay safe in the sun but also consider the benefits of a little sun exposure with no sun cream. So allow your self to be exposed to the sun before slapping at least an SPF 15 but don’t wait until you burn ! For darker and Asian skins it takes a little longer before you produce vitamin D which means you need longer exposure. I hold my hands up and admit I don’t apply sun cream as much as I should but we don’t want to be wrinkly before are time and risk skin cancer. So be sensible but bask in those warm rays, get your legs out, get your bikinis out or go for a walk in the sun and most importantly feel good!!!

Happy Friday,




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