Top 5 Spring/Summer Nail Polishes


During the spring and summer I especially enjoy painting my finger and toe nails in pretty, vibrant and colourful shades. I love seeing other people’s favourite season appropriate nail polish blog post’s or youtube videos, to get inspiration and find new nail polish colours (because I clearly don’t have enough)! So I thought I would share some of my current favourite spring/summer shades. Let me tell you it was tough choosing these, I am terrible at making decisions but I narrowed it down to these.




Barry M, Gelly Hi Shine, Nail Paint, Light Blue

This shade of blue is such a lovely colour. Its not as bright as it is in the picture, It’s a powdery light pastel blue and it’s a really unique shade. I love having this on my nails in the spring/summer its bright and colourful but also fits in with pastel trend. I always get compliments on how lovely this colour looks not only in the bottle but on my nails! Barry M  is probably my all time favourite drug store nail polish brands.They apply nicely, last a good amount of time on your nails, have an amazing range of shades and there really affordable.


Essie, Fiji

This is quite a talked Essie nail polish shade within the blogging and YouTube community. It’s a lovely pale almost white pink. If you’re not keen on rocking the white nails look, then this is a lovely colour to go with. Essie are a more expensive nail polish brand within the drug store and I’m not entirely sure the formula is my favourite. I haven’t used this in a while but last time I did it chipped very quickly. I do however like the wide brushes it makes it very easy to apply your nail polish with. I am looking forward to trying this again during these warmer months, it’s a lovely understated nail colour.



I won’t talk about this too much as I mentioned it in my April Birchbox Review which you can find HERE. I couldn’t decide if I wanted this to be in my top 5 or not but I decided it should be. I love the colour, its a lot greener in real life rather than the pictures. It’s just a lovely pearlescent mint green and it lasts so well on my nails! Check out my Instagram to see a picture of this on my nails.


Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel, Apricot Nector

This is definitely my second favourite in my top five. This colour is beautiful and is such a summer appropriate colour and will look amazing with a tan. Its a lovely muted peachy orange and it also smells like apricots, I don’t think its quite as orange as it looks in picture its paler and peachier! I bought it for the colour but the scent is also quite pleasant, and I like the formula of these nail polishes, plus the bottles are really cute! I’ve not seen a colour like this and it looks just as bright as it does in the bottle on your nails without being gaudy. I like it a lot, Check out my Instagram to see a picture of this on my nails!


Barry M, Gelly Hi Shine, Nail Paint, Sugared Apple

This my friends is definitely number 1 on my Top 5. I am in love with this nail polish, when I first bought this I would re apply it every time I re done my nails, that’s how much I loved seeing it on my nails! I have never seen a nail polish this shade, its a beautiful turquoise blue very reminiscent of the Tiffany Co packaging! I’ve seen lots of blues and mint greens but no turquoise shades. I love how vibrant this is on the nails and the fact it’s by my favourite nail polish brand makes it even better. This colour is perfect for spring/summer, I cannot recommend it enough. Go look at it, buy it, try it on your nails and try to tell me you don’t love it!! Again check out my Instagram t see this on my nails!

So these are just a few of my favourite spring/summer nail colours, I also love corals, lilacs and many more! Let me know in the comments if you have and love any of the nail polishes I have mentioned, also let me know some of your favourite spring/summer nail polishes that you think I should try!




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      Aw thank you so much!! I will do the post tomorrow! xx

  1. beautifulbedlamblog
    October 21, 2015 / 9:55 am

    Great post! Everyone is loving on Fiji, I think I’m going to have to add it to my collection <3 We've done a Spring Nail Polish post on our blog too, please check it out if you get the chance 🙂 xoxo

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