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So as I am writing this its my birthday (25th Of May) but when you read this it will be the next day. I received these two products for my Birthday after smelling them in the shop and saying how good they smelt to my mum! I’ve loved and used Body Shops body butters many of times so I knew I’d love this one just as much. I wasn’t sure about the scrub, as the Body Shop ones never look very ‘scrubby’. So I thought I would let you know my thoughts on both of these products. Firstly let me just tell you if you have not gone in to Body Shop to smell this sweet raspberry scent yet, you should! Its delicious, It literally smells like you could eat it. The body butter smells like Raspberry yoghurt, in a good way not a gross way, just like a creamy raspberry scent. The scrub smells richer like raspberry jam. It’s only a matter of time before I try to eat one of these products haha. After using these two products just today I’ve already fallen in love with how the scent lingers on my skin making me smell as sweet as fruity raspberry.  My brother even said ‘that smells so good’ as he sniffed the products out the pots and that’s coming from a boy!

Body shop body butters aren’t too thick but thick enough to feel really luxurious and their easy to spread on your skin and feel really nourishing when you do, the scents of all their body butters always linger on the skin.  There’s not much else to say about them really, I love them and always have. The body scrub on the other hand was a new product to me. The scent wasn’t the only thing that made me want to try these products out, it was the real raspberry pips in the scrub. I’d never seen that before and I thought they were the only scrubby pieces in the product but I was wrong. Not only do they have the gentler raspberry seeds there’s also some little rougher bits in there to. It feels lovely on the skin and feels like it’s really getting stuck in and removing those icky dead skin cells, leaving you with soft smooth summer skin! Together these products will leaving you smelling and feeling beautiful. If I were you I’d give them a try!



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