100 Blog Posts: A Thank You Message

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So this very blog post will be my 100th, which isn’t really a big deal but it seemed an appropriate moment to talk to you guys! Starting this blog has been one of the best decisions I have made, I didn’t think it would have such a positive outcome! I have realised how much I love to write, design little pictures for blog posts and interact with people who have taken the time to read what I have written. Since writing about my OCD and Depression I have interacted and had lots of support from other OCD sufferers via social networking. Before this I had barely spoken to anyone with OCD, I had  just read about it on Google, so I am very thankful to have been connected with these people! I wanted this post to just be a MASSIVE thank you to anyone who has ever read, liked, commented, shared and followed my blog posts. Some days I think what I write about is pointless and no one cares, then I get a new follower, a comment or a tweet etc and it spurs me on to keep writing! It really does mean a lot to me when someone follows me or gives me feed back on a blog post!


I also wanted to say please do make blog post requests I want to write about subjects that are important to YOU! You can make suggestions or ask me questions via Tumblr in my ask box you don’t have to have a Tumblr account to ask questions. My Facebook page and Twitter are also open to anyone who has any questions or requests, so feel free! I also have BlogLovin’ where you can sign in with your Facebook and follow any blogs you like. Which if you don’t have a WordPress account makes it easy to keep up to date with blog posts and other bloggers from different blogging platforms!



Facebook Page


Tumblr  & Tumblr Ask Box

So this is just a little blog post to tell you guys, I really appreciate any support and to also let you know where you can find me and make requests. I want my blog to keep growing and I want you to be apart of that journey as it is you guys who take the time to read my posts! Here’s to another 100 and many more blog posts to come!

Love you all,



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