A Poem: If OCD Had Its Own Identity


If OCD Had Its Own Identity

 Just another little poem I wrote about OCD. Hope some of you guys can relate to it and understand it from an OCD sufferers point of view. I wanted to think of what OCD would be like if it was a person or had an identity rather just a name of a mental illness. Like I said in my last poem post, I’m not a pro poet. I’m never sure what exactly makes a poem a poem. A lot of people say its different to everyone, different words and poems speak and mean different things to different people. So I hope you like it and let me know in the comments what you think!


Evil eyes that look straight through you,

The feeling it knows you, oh so well.

It knows your fears and it uses them against you,

Stripping you of confidence with each tear.

Powerful and stocky build, looking down upon you.


Enticing voice to make you believe it’s all for your own good,

Power craving attitude, wearing an intimidating hood.

A bully who persuades you he’s keeping you and your family safe,

You’re the puppet and its the puppeteer.

Dark sunken features and grey gloomy aura.


There’s no point in running, it can run faster,

The stories it tells are nothing but nightmares.

Injecting your veins with fear,

Faster than anything that can be explained.

Throwing its toys out the pram when it doesn’t get its own way.


Feeds of your thoughts and handcuffs you to a chamber within your brain,

Like an unwanted companion, a stalker that sucks out your strength.

Grabbing your attention like a whiny child,

Deep down it’s as insecure as you, if not more.

Manipulating you to make itself feel mighty.


Look a bit closer the hard exterior gets weaker,

Stocky build no more, When you close it’s door.

Its bark worse than its bite.

Remove its ugly disguise,

See what reality in fact lies beneath.


A evil but cowardly and feeble beast.

That’s got nothing on you.


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