Fashion: The Girl Next Door .VS. The Rebel Next Door

 The girlie, cute girl next door look or the edgy, grungy rebel next door look which is your style?

I think I incorporate a bit of both into my style but I do love cute dresses, especially floral ones I must say!

The Girl Next Door

For the ‘Girl Next Door’ look I wanted to keep the outfit quite innocent and girlie without being completely prim and proper. I chose a cute coral collared skater dress because I think skater dresses are really girlie and the collar also adds to that, I love collared things! I then paired the dress with some shoes that are in a style that’s bang on trend at the moment. I have been seeing this style of shoes everywhere, they remind me of shoes I wore when I was younger, funny how trends from when I was younger are coming back round now I’m older! I then added a simple white bag to match the shoes and collar on the dress and added some transparent pink retro sunglasses for accessories. I would wear this look with a natural  no make up make up look, with a coral lip to match the dress. I’d style the hair half up, half down and wavy or in a fishtail plate for an extra girlie touch.


Felicity Contrast Collar Skater Dress


Pink Retro Sunglasses


The Rebel Next

For the ‘Rebel Next Door’ look I wanted to create something a bit more edgy and showing off more flesh. I chose some cut off black acid wash denim shorts to give a grungy, worn look. I then paired the shorts with a simple white V-neck crop top and added a tile spring kimono with a lace/crochet trim. I love how a patterned kimono make really plain outfit come together, but still look effortless. I wanted to add chunky heels for this look  and chose these sling back chunky heels with a zip down the foot with cleated soles, which is a big trend for shoes at the moment. For accessories I chose this hexagon studded bag and some  little hooped earrings in a variety of styles and sizes. I also added a huge trend item to this look and that’s the 90’s inspired, tattoo look choker. For make up, I would apply some dark brown or black eye-liner to the upper and lower lash line not too neatly and blend out.


Black Acid Wash Mom Shorts

White V Neck and Back Crop Top

Monochrome Tile Print Crochet Hem Kimono

Deena & Ozzy Hexagon Studded Cross-Body Bag in Black

Mini Hoop Earrings Pack


Which style do you prefer?


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