Feel Good Friday: A Trip To The Zoo

Sorry that today’s Feel Good Friday blog post is a little late but today I went to the zoo!! I have wanted to go to the zoo for the longest time as I haven’t been since I was a lot younger. Travelling and going out for a day is kind of anxiety provoking for me, but everything went fine! Me, my Mum, my Brother and his Girlfriend all headed to Marwell Zoo, I love all animals, so I was like a child in a sweet shop. ‘Awwing’ at every animal I saw! We had lots of laughs along the way, commentating on what we thought the animals were thinking or would say if they could talk, in made up voices haha (does anyone else do that with animals and pets!?).  Here are just a few of the snaps I took on my travels around the animal park, sorry if the quality is not great, some were taking on zoom others were taken through glass!







The red panda was one of my favourite animals I saw today, it was extremely cute. The pictures do not do it justice!


Excuse the reflection of my mum in the glass, these monkeys remind me of little gremlins!



3D cube made out of Limurs!





Every time I tried to get a picture of the Meerkat’s faces they turned there bums to me, got one of them on ‘look out’ though! I was so tempted to reach in, pick one up and put it in my bag but I resisted. Simples squeak!


The star of the show today was the Hippos. I love Hippos and always have and I got pretty snap happy and excited in the Hippo enclosure. These are pygmy hippos, which are smaller than normal ones and look how cute the baby is!!



Tired baby!


And of course me in full child mode purchased a little Hippo toy which is so soft!


That was my day at the Zoo, did you do anything exciting today?

Happy Friday,


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