A Poem: OCD Doesn’t Define Me

I found a poem on Tumblr that I really liked and wanted to do my own version of. Mine will be nowhere near as good but It gave me the inspiration I needed. My poem is basically about not letting a mental illness, in my case OCD, define me. It’s easy to forget all the little details about yourself when your day-to-day life becomes filled with OCD and it’s symptoms. It’s important to remember who you are and the fact that although your mental illness has become a huge part of your life there is so many other things about you. I hope you like it.

The Tumblr poem..


My poem…

OCD Doesn’t Define Me..

I am my big blue eyes,

The music that makes me inspired,

The way I get too attached to people too easily,

I am who I am when I’m truly comfortable around you,

When my personality shines through.

I am my love for animals,

I am the way my dog lights up my eyes,

The way I sometimes talk too loud,

I am what makes me tick and laugh,

I am the perfume I wear, the things I share.

I am the DVDS that I own and want to see,

I am my childhood photographs and memories,

The way I crave all things sugary,

I am the ornaments and trinkets I keep in my bedroom,

I am my tiny hands and feet.

I am my sense of humour,

The way I smile and the facial expressions I pull,

The way I walk, talk, sleep and breath,

I am the way I like to take long baths,

I am my style and the way I do my make up.

The jewellery I wear, how I style my hair,

I am my likes and dislikes,

The way I hate leaving an argument on bad terms,

I am how much my family mean to me,

I am the way I draw and the way I write my name.

The shape and colour of my lips,

I am my quirks and habits,

I am my clumsy nature,

I am my creative brain,

The way change frightens me.

I am diagnosed with OCD,

But there is more to me,

I won’t forget all the other details,

OCD doesn’t define me.



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