Why Are You So Anxious And Unhappy If OCD Keeps You Safe?


Being an OCD sufferer myself I know how mind mindbogglingly irrational and illogical OCD can be. This blog post isn’t me suggesting that simply realising your OCD is irrational should cure you, because we all realise deep down it is. When I started thinking about these things it opened my eyes to how irrational my OCD really was, it almost made a mockery of it. Part of OCD is performing rituals mental or physical, to relieve yourself from anxiety, and intrusive thoughts of bad things happening. People with OCD like myself know deep down, that nothing they do can keep themselves or others safe. The doubt, fear and very frightening vivid thoughts and images,  means our irrational brain can bearly be heard above OCD and all its scare tac tics.

Something that Sharon from the OCD Treatment Centre has said to me in the past, is ‘If your rituals keep you safe, why aren’t you the safest and happiest person in the world’. We do rituals ultimately to keep ourselves and others safe, so in the long run we can be happy. Yet we are some of the most anxious and constantly frightened people there is, not forgetting extremely unhappy. If OCD rituals are that foolproof why aren’t we happy? and why do we feel scared constantly?. We should feel safe and happy, that’s what are rituals are for, they’re there to protect ourselves and make us feel better. But when you look back at your time suffering with OCD when have you ever been happy and when have you ever felt truly safe. This is how illogical OCD is.

If our rituals work why don’t people like fire-fighters, the police or hospitals, pay people with OCD to do rituals for them. To prevent fires, people loosing their lives and to prevent crimes taking place. When I think of it like that OCD is laughable, it opens your eyes to how silly our OCD is. Can you imagine someone actually paying you to do rituals to keep people safe. Do you think you’d say yes to being paid to keep people safe and prevent bad things from happening? Or not, because you’d know really you wouldn’t be able to do that. This then lead me on to imagining calling 999 and askng for a fire-engine and the fireman replying ‘one second, if I just do a certain ritual it should stop the fire from getting worse’. Would you think ‘phew, he’s done that now so the fire should be ok’ No! What if firemen said  ‘Oh no I didn’t touch that thing 5 times this morning, that’s why you’re having a fire, its all my fault’ would you blame him for the fire? I know we all know its illogical and silly but sometimes really thinking about how ridiculous us performing rituals is can be helpful. If you can try laugh at your OCD it becomes less scary, and you can see it for what it is.  OCD is  a con that wants to keep you trapped.

Why are people around us fine without rituals? they’re  happier than we are yet we are the ones who are meant to be safer and happier, because we have things in place to protect ourselves!

I know OCD isn’t as simple as being able to just think about how irrational your OCD is and to there for stop. But if you are undergoing treatment or are in the middle of a OCD exposure, it helps you laugh at your OCD and stop fearing it.

Where would your OCD be without fear? it would be gone.

I hope this blog post makes sense to some of you reading this!

Stay strong little fighter,





  1. August 1, 2014 / 7:37 pm

    What a BRILLIANT post! Thank you for sharing this.

    • August 1, 2014 / 9:19 pm

      Aw thank you!! So glad you liked it! Xxx

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