Feel Good Friday: What If You Fly?

Today’s feel good Friday post is going to be about a quote I found on tumblr…

“What If I fall?

Oh but darling,

What If you fly?”

The reason I like this quote is not only for the positive message it gives but also because it relates to me personally. As you probably know I suffer with OCD and  the majority of OCD sufferers are plagued by the phrase ‘what if’ and it’s always about negative scary things. Why do you we always say ‘what if something bad happens?’ or ‘What if I embarrass myself during my work presentation?’ all examples of the sort of what if thoughts we all suffer with sometimes, It’s always negative isn’t it?

Next time I have a ‘what if’ thoughts I’m going to try to think of it in the opposite way. Take thoughts like the examples above and change them to ‘what if something good happens?’ or ‘what if my work presentation really impresses my boss and goes perfectly?’. The problem is we are quick to worry and look for the bad things in situations but struggle to see the good. Next time you think or someone else says ‘what if’ followed by a negative thought tell yourself or the other person ‘what if’ followed by something positive. Don’t let those ‘what if’ thoughts stop you from achieving things, don’t let them scare you into missing out on opportunity because until we try we can’t judge a situation.

Happy Friday,



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