Heat Wave

 Heat Wave

Recently in Britain the weather has been really heating up and apparently there’s an august heat wave to come! When its hot and sticky you have to dress appropriately otherwise its unbearable. I decided to create some fashion inspiration with an outfit I think would be perfect for a hot summers day!

 I love this white swing dress, I chose this not only because I love the border around the hem of the dress but also because swing dresses are so flowy and airy that they are perfect to stay cool in the summer. Swing dresses are so comfortable and look effortless. Of course sandals are a summer wardrobe essential and I love that these are leather, plastic shoes can make your feet sweat especially in summer (ew), so leather is the way forward and they last longer to,  at £22.00 these sandals are a complete steal! I then chose a lovely rope and gold detail statement necklace just to add something to the neckline of the dress. To coordinate with the black features in this outfit, I chose a suede black embossed crossbody bag, you don’t want to be lugging a huge bag around with you in the heat, so the smaller the cooler (see what I done there..tumble weed). Last but not least of course you need some sunnies at this time of the year, I chose these round black ones with gold metal detailing, round sunglasses seem to be everywhere at the moment and I think they add a quirky touch to this outfit.

 Shop the post:

ASOS Swing Dress in Floral Border Print

 ASOS FIDGET Leather Flat Sandals


Gold and Black Rope Necklace

Black and Gold Round Frame Sunglasses


What’s your favourite item from this outfit?




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