Walking Wear

Walking Wear

I don’t know about you but have you ever been in a situation where you’re going for a day out, that is going to involve a lot of walking, grass and possible mud and finding something appropriate to wear suddenly becomes difficult, I have. That day out or walk with someone special, friends or family where you don’t want to compromise fashion over comfort and practicality. I think it’s especially tricky during summer/autumn where its to hot to layer up like you would in winter. Above I have styled 3 outfits I think are perfect for a day out or walk  that will suit different people all incorporating the same fashionably practical accessories and footwear. I think that’s the most difficult thing about these days out, finding comfortable foot wear that is grass and mud appropriate but you still feel good in. Any of these outfits can be changed and styled to your taste but also warmed up by adding some layers.

Outfit 1 – Shorts

Shorts are always a winner they are comfortable and practical. I chose these cute floral print running style shorts paired with a simple cami top with a lace detail around the hem.


Black Floral Print Running Shorts

Cream Lace Hem Swing Cami

Outfit 2 – Playsuit

If you’re a dress girl like me during summer I think this playsuit is perfect. Dresses aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to going for a walk,  I tend to feel like a sudden bit of wind and I’m going to be flashing my bum to the public and no one wants to see that! I love the fact that this playsuit looks like a dress but is less risky than a dress.  The lime green background and clashing cobalt blue baroque print, is gorgeous.


Elvie Large Baroque Swing Playsuit

Outfit 3 – Trousers

Last but not least the trousers option, if getting your legs out doesn’t float your boat or its a bit to chilly! These tapered and jogger style trousers are everywhere at the moment. They’re super comfortable and stretchy and loose-fitting so they won’t make you too hot. They come in all sorts of colourful and monochrome prints so if this print isn’t for you then shop around!  I decided to pair these trousers with a bardot style top for an added feminine touch, why not show some shoulder as your legs are covered.



White Bardot Neck Top

Footwear & Accessories

The shoes I chose for these outfits with the theme in mind are these ankle length cut out leather boots. I chose these because I think they’re still summer appropriate with the cut outs but also cover your feet enough. They are leather which makes them stronger and less likely to get damaged by mud or water, and of course flat boots should be comfortable to walk in.

I then chose some on trend cateye style sunglasses, as there is nothing worse than walking with the sun burning your eyes! For a bag I went for this lovely simple black backpack. If you’re going to be walking a lot there is nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder. You can carry this on your back and be able to move freely without worrying about your shoulder aching or it falling of your shoulder every 5 minutes.


ASOS ALONG SIDE ME Leather Ankle Boots

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Metal Nose Bridge

New Look Xhatch Formal Backpack

Which outfit would you wear?


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