Haunting, Gothic Vampire Halloween Make Up

 Halloween is nearly here and its the perfect opportunity to get creative with your makeup. Dramatic smokey eyes, dark lips and other things its hard to pull off on a normal day-to-day basis. I decided I wanted to do a step by step gothic/vampire make up look, which can be created using make up products, without the fuss of blood and face paints. I edited my eyes in the pictures to give them a more vampire esc feel, as my blue eyes didn’t really look the part! By adding contacts, fangs and even some fake blood if you wanted, I think this is an easy, pretty but haunting look for Halloween. I think I was trying to be mysterious and haunting in my photos, but came off as grumpy, so I do apologize (haha).




First of all you want to prep your skin with your usual moisturizer. Priming the skin will help your make up last longer and smooth out your skin. I used the MAC Prep And Prime primer. In films like twilight the vampires skin always looks pale and flawless. If you have a foundation a couple of shades paler than your normal skin tone then use that, to give you vampire pale skin. I applied a generous amount of the Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 which is my usual shade, so I then used the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in the lightest shade they do to make my skin paler and cover up any redness or blemishes.


Next you want to fill out your brows, making them fuller, stronger and exaggerating the shape of them unlike you normally would. I used my usual Sleek Brow Kit in the shade dark. After that you want to prime your eye lids to make sure your eyeshadow lasts for as long as possible. I used the  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Then apply the Maybelline EyeStudio Colour Tattoo Gel Eyeshadow in the shade vintage plum all your eyelid, don’t worry about applying this too neatly. This just gives a good base for the eye shadows your going to apply over the top and make them more opaque.

Unfortuanly the sleek palettes don’t have the name of each eye shadow on them so I’m going to do my best to describe which ones I used, all eyeshadow’s mentioned are from the Sleek, Oh So Special Palette. Firstly using the last eyeshadow on the second row which is a black eyeshadow you want to mark out a line on the outer corner of your eyes, almost like you would with winged eye liner. This creates a guide of where you want your eye shadow to stop, giving it a very harsh winged line. Then take the second eyeshadow on the second row,  which is a lovely lavender, purple colour with gold shimmer running through it, apply this all over the eye lid, making sure you don’t go past the guide line you drew.


Next using the last eyeshadow on the first row, which is a very deep gothic purple with brown undertones and gold shimmer running through it Apply this to the crease of your eye, slightly winging it out with your guide line focusing on making the outer corner darker but also taking it  deep into the inner socket of your eye towards your tear ducts, gently blending it out as you go.

Using the same black eyeshadow you created your guide line with, you want to take a small detailer brush and draw a darker line over the top of your earlier guideline, then following this all the way round above your crease colour, creating a harsh black line around the outside of your eyeshadow, stopping about 3/4 away across the eye. Next blend gently blend this line out so it doesn’t look quite as harsh, but still keeping the intensity of the black and the strong winged shape as you don’t want to make your self look like you’ve got two panda eyes. You can reapply the black line and blend until your happy with the intensity of the black and the shape. Take the lighter lavender shade you used all over your eyelids earlier and apply this on your lower lash line in the inner corners of your eyes. Then blend the darker purple along the lash line, also adding some of the black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your lower lash and blend.


Next you want to set your makeup into place, I used the  Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade pink blossom.  Using the same Maybeline Gel Eyeshadow you used at the beginning, contour your cheek bones. Using this cool, greyish plum colour will give you a strong, harsh contour and give your pale skin a greyish, purple tone, like dead vampire skin. You can also apply this to the temples of your forehead and along your jaw line. Those of you with strong cheek bones can go to town with this and make your face really chiselled and creepy.

BLOG6BLOG7To make your eyes even more intense and dark apply gel liner in your waterline, I used the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Then take your favourite mascara and apply generous amounts to make your eyelashes thick and fluttery. The mascara I used was the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, you could also apply dramatic false eye lashes to make your eyes lashes even bigger.

Last but not least line your lips with the same black gel eyeliner, creating a semi thick black line. Then apply red lipstick or stain on the areas left and slighty over the black to blend it in. I used the Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour in the shade play with fire. I’m not sure I would recommend this, it was my first time using it so I’m not sure if it was the gel eyeliner or the lip product which was drying. As a last-minute touch you can either drip fake blood out of the corners of your mouth, or use some lip liner blended with some black gel eyeliner to create less messy blood drips.

Dress in your vampire costume and style your hair, add your fangs, contacts and accessories and you are good to go, pretty but haunting.

I hope you like this look as much as I do, let me know in the comments what you are going as this Halloween?


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