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My Favourite Anxiety, OCD And Depression Quotes

Cheesy, inspiring, lame call them what you want, I personally think a good quote in certain situations can be really helpful and they seem to be a popular thing to share on social media these days! Sometimes it’s so hard…


OCD .Vs. Being A Perfectionist: What Is The Difference?

I wrote a blog post called ‘The Many Misconceptions Of OCD’ which you can read HERE. I wanted to do a follow-up post about this, as It’s a topic that most people with OCD will relate to. Not only that…


The many misconceptions of OCD.

Have you yourself ever said or heard someone say “I am so OCD about organising things,” “I love to clean, I’m so OCD” or “I’m a little bit OCD”? You probably have. I know I have. You just have to…


Tips For Coming Of Anti-Depressants

This is a topic very close to my heart currently. Its fresh in my mind because I am literally going through it right now. Lets just say it hasn’t gone quite to plan. I came off my Sertaline tablets a…


How To Be A Good Friend To Someone Suffering With Mental Illness

    As someone who has suffered with Depression, Anxiety and OCD, I feel like I can safely say this has led to some detachment, from my friends over the years. Especially when things were really tough for me. Getting…


If OCD Was A Person

I have been struggling with my OCD recently, which means I have been talking to people around me about it and explaining how I feel a lot. Which is a positive thing to do, bottling up your feelings won’t do…


It Might Not Be A Good Day, But Have A Day

When suffering with depression getting through the day feels like running a marathon, it’s draining. You feel physically exhausted, let alone the mental battle you go through, the guilt of feeling like you’re just lazy, the feelings of wanting to…


Hope For OCD, Anxiety And Depression Sufferers

Calling all mental health sufferers, who feel as if they are at the end of their tether, and that there is no hope in them ever getting better. (Insert dramatic music) I am here to let you know why this…


A Day In The Life Of Someone With OCD

Yesterday it felt as if my world suddenly stopped as I was putting some washing on. I mean my mind is always full of little anxiety attacks of “Don’t do that or (blank) will happen” “Do this or (blank) will…


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