Spring Walkies

I am the lazy person that when someone says to me ‘lets go for a walk’ I turn my nose up at it. I don’t know if it’s just a lazy habit I’ve gotten into since suffering with depression but I just think ‘I can’t be bothered, how boring’. On bank holiday Monday my mum said she wanted to go for a walk with everyone down at a place called ‘eye bridge’ near where I live, as everyone else in the house was going and I’d be home alone bored if I didn’t I decided to go. It was lovely spring weather and I am glad I went, I enjoyed the views, watching my dog run around, seeing some animals and taking pretty pictures. I need to say yes to more outings rather than automatically saying no, once I’m out I usually have a good time. I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and views and took some pictures, I am no photographer but I am pretty proud of how they turned out. I haven’t had much of a chance to use my camera for taking photos of things other than beauty products etc, so it was nice to experiment with my camera and taking photos of things I don’t usually!



The views from standing on the bridge!




My beautiful pooch enjoying the walk and enjoying splashing around in the muddiest puddles she could find, white fur and mud don’t mix well! I always think she looks so beautiful in the sun and I love watching her mischievously run into mud and try to run into the river, she’s too cute ♥


I saw this heron flying around at various points during our walk and I really wanted to take a picture and I finally was able to and although it’s probably not the best picture, I am so pleased with it!


I got a little snap happy when it came to the ducks, I think the male ducks are so pretty, no offence to any female ducks out there, your pretty to!


 When I was taking the below picture I thought ‘well this is rubbish you can’t even see the colours and detail on the duck’ but I actually love how this picture turned out with all the shadows and the slight silhouette effect of the duck and its reflection in the water!


 Action shot of a duck doing its duck thang (haha). This picture was a total accident, I didn’t even realise the duck moved until after!




The moral of the story is be more adventurous, stop saying no to things before you have given them a chance, 9 times out of 10 you will enjoy it once you get there.


Feel Good Friday: Happy Nearly Easter

easter blog postMade By Stresses And Dresses

So it only seemed fitting that I do today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ post about Easter, seeing as it’s in a couple of days! I wasn’t sure what to write about on the topic of Easter as so many people have different views on it, some celebrate it because of Jesus Christ and the Bible and others just celebrate as an occasion.Which is giving each other chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts and seeing family etc. Others might not even celebrate it at all, which is ok to. Then I thought well how ever you decide to spend your Easter, I hope it’s a good one and how you spend it makes you happy.

Even if your not receiving an Easter egg of someone, go buy yourself one and enjoy it, its Easter so don’t feel guilty about the chocolate your eating, it’s an excuse right? Another thing that comes hand in hand with Easter is holidays, which means people get time of work!! In the UK we get a 4 day weekend, so make the most of it, see your family, scoff chocolate, enjoy the spring weather and RELAX.

 Happy Friday and Happy Easter for Sunday!