Fashion: The Girl Next Door .VS. The Rebel Next Door

 The girlie, cute girl next door look or the edgy, grungy rebel next door look which is your style?

I think I incorporate a bit of both into my style but I do love cute dresses, especially floral ones I must say!

The Girl Next Door

For the ‘Girl Next Door’ look I wanted to keep the outfit quite innocent and girlie without being completely prim and proper. I chose a cute coral collared skater dress because I think skater dresses are really girlie and the collar also adds to that, I love collared things! I then paired the dress with some shoes that are in a style that’s bang on trend at the moment. I have been seeing this style of shoes everywhere, they remind me of shoes I wore when I was younger, funny how trends from when I was younger are coming back round now I’m older! I then added a simple white bag to match the shoes and collar on the dress and added some transparent pink retro sunglasses for accessories. I would wear this look with a natural  no make up make up look, with a coral lip to match the dress. I’d style the hair half up, half down and wavy or in a fishtail plate for an extra girlie touch.


Felicity Contrast Collar Skater Dress


Pink Retro Sunglasses


The Rebel Next

For the ‘Rebel Next Door’ look I wanted to create something a bit more edgy and showing off more flesh. I chose some cut off black acid wash denim shorts to give a grungy, worn look. I then paired the shorts with a simple white V-neck crop top and added a tile spring kimono with a lace/crochet trim. I love how a patterned kimono make really plain outfit come together, but still look effortless. I wanted to add chunky heels for this look  and chose these sling back chunky heels with a zip down the foot with cleated soles, which is a big trend for shoes at the moment. For accessories I chose this hexagon studded bag and some  little hooped earrings in a variety of styles and sizes. I also added a huge trend item to this look and that’s the 90’s inspired, tattoo look choker. For make up, I would apply some dark brown or black eye-liner to the upper and lower lash line not too neatly and blend out.


Black Acid Wash Mom Shorts

White V Neck and Back Crop Top

Monochrome Tile Print Crochet Hem Kimono

Deena & Ozzy Hexagon Studded Cross-Body Bag in Black

Mini Hoop Earrings Pack


Which style do you prefer?


A Visit To Bournemouth Vintage Emporium



I was very kindly invited to attend a press, bloggers and antique traders evening at a new shop which has recently opened called ‘Bournemouth Vintage Emporium’. As you may know I love all things vintage so I knew this event would be right up my street. You may remember a blog post I wrote called ‘Vintage Love’ about a place called ‘Molly’s Den’ you can read that HERE. This shop is like Molly’s Den but a lot smaller and more manageable to look around. Molly’s Den can be quite overwhelming so if you don’t fancy taking up most a day looking around the nooks and crannies of that warehouse, this shop is perfect for you, its not too big but not small.

Its got lots of little traders shops filled with beautiful furniture, cute ornaments, weird but wonderful items and, things that may not be vintage but are just lovely. It’s got a lovely atmosphere inside and its the kind of place you can walk around a few times and spot more and more things each time you go round. Next door they have a tea room where you can sit in a cute setting and have some refreshments, always handy when your shopping till you drop. I loved walking around and snapping pictures of everything because there was so many items I loved. Although my camera broke and I had to use my iPhone, so sorry if that’s affected the quality of the pictures!





Yep, that’s me modelling a sailor’s hat (haha)


The two pictures below are by lovely trader with the business name ‘Nouveau’. She up-cycles old furniture and gives them a new lease of life! You can take your furniture to her or she can pick it up for you, take it away and customise it however you want! How gorgeous are these pieces of furniture? I would love them in my bedroom! Got some old furniture that’s looking worse for where? don’t throw it out, let it have a make over or sale her items to up-cycle and be loved by someone else! Links will be added soon!



The four pictures below are from another trader I got talking to, who’s dress I fell in love with, I admire her vintage, quirky style and items she was selling. Her shop name is ‘Bobby-Alice Vintage, she works hard searching high and low for beautiful vintage dresses like the one shes wearing. So if you have a special occasion where you want a vintage glamorous, individual dress she’s your gal. She doesn’t just sale dresses she has a wide range of clothing items and other bits and bobs. Where you can find her: Facebook: or Instagram:






They even sale gorgeous wedding dresses, like the lovely girl is modelling above!



I would definitely recommend heading down to the store and taking a look around, its like a surprise you never know what item you will find and fall in love with!

Links and info for ‘Bournemouth Vintage Emporium’

Address: 1172-1180 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth BH7 6DY




Phone: 01202 427797


Feel Good Friday: Penguins?

So I have a book called ‘Everything is going to be ok’ and it is basically pages of quotes and pictures that are inspiring! Its one of those novelty books that could be classed as a ‘coffee table book’ that you or a guest can just flick through, but I love the cover so much I have it on display on a shelf in my room. This weeks post is going to be a bit different but it is related to a quote like normal but instead of me writing about it, it’s mainly going to be pictures! 


The quote I have chosen is…


“One cannot be angry when one looks at a penguin”

When I first read this quote it made me laugh, and me and my mum used to joke about imagining being in the middle of an argument and whipping out a picture of a penguin and just holding it in front of the really angry person. I think it could possibly work, I would not be able to keep a straight face if someone done that to me, so I thought we could test this theory out!

Here are some pictures and GIF’s of penguins, lets see if seeing the penguins makes you smile, feel happier or less angry if you are!









Did it work? are you smiling? Comment down below if you are!

Happy Friday


What To Wear: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shop 'Til You Drop

You know those shopping trips where you get up ridiculously early so you’ve got the whole day to shop?  It’s like a huge operation and you have to prepare to wear something comfortable as you know your going to be wearing it all day, but you still want to look fashionable and feel good in yourself! You have to cater for the english whether if some shops are outside, it could rain at any second and if your anything like me, I then get too hot inside so I then like to know I’m going to feel comfortable with my outfit if I do take my jacket off, its complicated right? I decided to pick out what my perfect outfit would be for a long day shopping and I hope this inspires some of you guys for future outfits!


I chose this cute stripped drop hemmed dress, these are so flattering and I personally find dresses really comfortable and this one is in a lovely soft jersey material, put on a pair of tights to keep those legs warm if needed and if you get too hot and have to take your jacket off it has short t-shirt sleeves so you’ll be nice and cool but still looking good!



The jacket I chose is this light wash denim jacket, denim jackets aren’t to thick and I think there particularly perfect during spring. I like the style of this one as it’s not too oversized and baggy so its flattering on your body, I think there a lovely finishing touch to an outfit.


ASOS Vans Lo Pro Classic Black and White Lace Up Trainers


The first pair of shoes I picked are some classic vans, I’m not a fan of the whole dresses and trainers look, but these are more plimsolls like so I think you can get away with it. They will be super comfy to wear walking around shops all day and there currently on sale, so grab a pair quick! If your still not convinced by the trainers I picked to wear with the dress the other pair are these flat shoes with a gold ankle strap and heel, I love these there’s something so sleek and classy about them, again nice and flat so your feet won’t hate you when your finished shopping!



ASOS Satchel Bag With Scallop Bar Detail



When shopping you need a bag that’s going to fit your purse (with all your money and cards in of course) and all the other bits us girls like to carry around with us, I love this mint green scalloped bag, it adds a bit of colour to the outfit and a touch of the pastel spring trend that’s about, and the gold plates either side of the bag are a really nice touch. It has a shoulder strap which you can also wear across your body so you don’t need to worry about loosing it as your shopping! Last but not least I added this snake chain necklace with cute pastel daisy’s along it, I love this so much again incorporating the spring pastel trend, to go with the mint bag and pastel daisy necklace I chose this green midi ring, it’s so cute and goes perfectly, midi rings are also bang on trend at the momen’t!

Let me know in the comments if you have any ‘What To Wear’ requests!

Anna x