Feel Good Friday: Happy Nearly Easter

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So it only seemed fitting that I do today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ post about Easter, seeing as it’s in a couple of days! I wasn’t sure what to write about on the topic of Easter as so many people have different views on it, some celebrate it because of Jesus Christ and the Bible and others just celebrate as an occasion.Which is giving each other chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts and seeing family etc. Others might not even celebrate it at all, which is ok to. Then I thought well how ever you decide to spend your Easter, I hope it’s a good one and how you spend it makes you happy.

Even if your not receiving an Easter egg of someone, go buy yourself one and enjoy it, its Easter so don’t feel guilty about the chocolate your eating, it’s an excuse right? Another thing that comes hand in hand with Easter is holidays, which means people get time of work!! In the UK we get a 4 day weekend, so make the most of it, see your family, scoff chocolate, enjoy the spring weather and RELAX.

 Happy Friday and Happy Easter for Sunday!


Feel Good Friday: Spring


The weather in the UK seems to finally be brightening up and yesterday was the first official day of spring! Flowers are starting to blossom and the sun is making a welcoming appearance, its time to brush of the remaining winter co webs lingering in your head and get a spring in your step instead! There’s something very refreshing about spring, it’s not too warm and it’s not too cold and don’t get me wrong I love winter, but now spring has arrived I feel a lot more positive and the sun seems to brighten up everyone’s moods and get people motivated. So here are some ideas I’ve come up with to get yourself in the spring mood and that I will be trying to partake in…

  • Buy some bright, pretty flowers to freshen up your home, daffodils are always a winner when it comes to spring time, they seem to be blossoming out the ground all over the place!
  • Spring clean a room or area in your house. Your bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, lounge anywhere that could do with a deep clean or some organisation, this is always refreshing and It gets some positive energy flowing through your house and you will feel positive whenever you enter that room or see what you’ve achieved. Doesn’t have to be inside, our gardens need some TLC after the harsh rainy winters we’ve had in England, plant some flowers or mow your lawn, you’ll thank yourself when it comes to summer and your spending even more time out there!
  • Buy something spring and summer appropriate, a dress, shorts, sandles, sunglasses anything that gets you excited and prepared for the warm weather. I personally love all things pastel when it comes to spring. I have recently purchased some white flat shoes that are a lot more spring appropriate than black flats or boots, sunglasses and a light grey bag as it’s always nice to add some lighter shades into your wardrobe when the weathers nice.
  • Give yourself a manicure and pedicure, our feet have been hiding away in socks, slippers and boots all winter so our feet need to get sandle ready. Soak your feet in warm water, buy yourself a foot file (gross I know, but you’ll have super smooth feet at the end), moisturise them and paint your fingers and toes in a spring colour, I’ve been really liking pastel powder blues, lilacs and vibrant orangey reds!
  • Bake something for Easter, I have seen so many weight watchers Easter recipes I want to try and I am determined to make myself bake something for Easter day. An easy one is classic chocolate nests with mini eggs inside the recipe I have is from weight watchers which you can find HERE. I will hopefully do a blog post on whatever I decide to bake and show you how it turns out!
  • Go for a walk or bike ride when the spring sun is out and take in the lovely views and appreciate the new flowers, birds about and the sun etc. Down below is a  picture I took on a recent walk I went on and I think it’s rather pretty!


I hope you this post has got you a little more excited for spring and summer if you weren’t already, let me know any things you like to do to get yourself in the spring/summer mood.

Happy Friday you lovely people,


Lush: Calorie Free Easter Presents

Calorie Free Easter Presents


Being on a diet during Easter is torture. Chocolate bunny’s and eggs everywhere you go , resisting them is hard enough let alone being given one for a present and trying to have some self-control and not devour the whole thing right there and then! Have no fear there are some indulgent bath products from none other than Lush and you won’t need to worry about your waist line. It’s no secret I love Lush products and the whole of this years Easter range excites me greatly, I have yet to try any of them but I definitely will be! I think they would be perfect presents to treat yourself or someone else to. Whether you’re trying to watch your weight, don’t enjoy chocolate (what is wrong with you?) or just fancy giving or trying something different this Easter. Warning – be prepared for the over use of the word cute!


Lets just talk about how cute this little guy is. Lush based this off the white rabbit from Alice And Wonderland and I am a sucker for anything cute and pretty so this gets my vote! This is a bubble bar so you crumble it under the tap and it fills your bath with bubbles. The scent of this  bunny is sweet fair trade vanilla with the same smell as Lush’s Creamy Candy bubble bar, so if you like sweet indulgent smells, this is for you! It contains shea butter and cocoa butter so it produces skin softening and nourishing bubbles, leaving you smelling sweet and feeling smooth like chocolate without the calories! Not only that it’s filled with pretty blue corn flowers that are left floating in your bath and its eyes and tail are little sweets ( I wouldn’t recommend eating them)!

Fluffy Egg

This is a bright pink, sweet and girlie egg-shaped bath bomb with a sugar flower for decoration. It got its name ‘fluffy egg’ from having the same scent as an old lush favourite product named ‘Candy Fluff’ hence ‘Fluffy Egg’! The smell of this is very reminiscent of the Snow Fairy scent and the Candy Mountain bubble bar from the Christmas range. It smells of sweets, bubblegum, candy floss and all that good stuff. Its fizzes around your bath leaving you with bright candy pink water and smelling good enough to eat.

Golden Egg

This gorgeous egg with a golden lustre finish is a bath melt AND a bath bomb rolled into one. If you are a fan of the famous ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ scent you will love this, it’s a sweet honey and toffee fragrance! When you pop this in the bath the outer shell which contains nourishing cocoa butter will melt in the bath, then the middle will begin to fizz, leaving you smelling sweet and your bath water with a golden shimmer!

The Immaculate Eggception – Yellow & The Immaculate Eggception – Pink

This bath bomb is a fun one, you can choose your colour yellow or pink as they both do the exact same thing! Shake it and you will hear something inside and even at the age of 19 that makes me want to find out what it is.  You have to crack it the large egg open to reveal either a chick or bunny rabbit inside, hence the name ‘Eggception’ which I like might I add. It has a light zesty lemon scent and it also contains grapefruit oil and fair trade vanilla absolute! Pop this into your bath and it will begin to turn your bath water pink, yellow and orange, Lush says “As it fizzes away, the vibrant colours will begin to unfurl, painting a sunset over the water’s surface” sounds good to me!


This soap is in the shape of a carrot but smells like tropical juice. It gets its fruity smell from buchu, lemon and bergamot essential oils! Each slice of the soap has a white leaping rabbit through the centre, which is a little bit cute! The orange outside of this soap is packed with moisturising carrot seed oil whilst the white centre is full of nourishing fair trade cocoa butter.

Bunch Of Carrots

This bunch of carrots are reusable bubble bars, hold a carrot from its green stalk and swish the carrot around in your  bath or break a piece off and you will have a bath full of bubbles! This may look like something the Easter bunny himself may want to eat, but it has the same tropical scent as the ‘Carrot’ soap mentioned above.

Carrot – Gift Set

Feeling generous this Easter? These products comes in cute packaging that looks like a carrot and contains a chunk of the carrot soap, a bunch of carrots and a golden egg. You or the person that receives this will be very bath prepared and smelling sweet and fruity for spring (not that they don’t already of course!)

Funny Bunny – Gift Set

Another cute gift set, this time presented in a bunny rabbit knot-wrap, with a cardboard sphere inside containing 2 sweet bunny’s, a bunch of carrots and a fluffy egg, what more could you want!

Have you tried any of Lush’s Easter range?

If you have Let me know in the comments what your favourite product is!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter