1st Of December | Count Down To Christmas

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So it’s the 1st of December, which means it’s officially the count down to Christmas. I know what you’re thinking ‘another over excited Christmas lover’ well its true! I could not help but write a blog post relating to Christmas, now I think it’s officially acceptable to get excited for it. For those of you shouting ‘bah humbug’ well you’ll either loath this blog post or maybe it will get you in the festive mood and you’ll love it. My blog from now until Christmas is going to be filled with blog posts such as gift guides, stocking fillers, party fashion, Christmas jumpers and festive make up looks!

As a start to my Christmassy blog posts, I thought why not share all the reasons I am looking forward to about this festive month.

Putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house

Cute Christmas decorations

Log fires

♥ Mince pies

♥ Wrapping presents

Drinking mulled wine

♥ Family

Christmas shopping

 Cosy, cute PJ’s

 Slippers and cosy socks

 Giving presents

Receiving presents

Christmas lights

♥ Pigs in blankets

Christmas dinner

♥ Candles, candles and more candles

♥ Festive fashion and festive make up

♥ Baths with, Christmas Lush Cosmetics bath bombs

My dog in her Christmas Santa jumper

♥ Christmas blog posts

Scarves, hats, gloves, boots and coats

Costa Coffee, black forest hot chocolates and chai tea lattes

Listening to my favourite Christmas song ‘The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York’


What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? and what would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!


Walking Wear

Walking Wear

I don’t know about you but have you ever been in a situation where you’re going for a day out, that is going to involve a lot of walking, grass and possible mud and finding something appropriate to wear suddenly becomes difficult, I have. That day out or walk with someone special, friends or family where you don’t want to compromise fashion over comfort and practicality. I think it’s especially tricky during summer/autumn where its to hot to layer up like you would in winter. Above I have styled 3 outfits I think are perfect for a day out or walk  that will suit different people all incorporating the same fashionably practical accessories and footwear. I think that’s the most difficult thing about these days out, finding comfortable foot wear that is grass and mud appropriate but you still feel good in. Any of these outfits can be changed and styled to your taste but also warmed up by adding some layers.

Outfit 1 – Shorts

Shorts are always a winner they are comfortable and practical. I chose these cute floral print running style shorts paired with a simple cami top with a lace detail around the hem.


Black Floral Print Running Shorts

Cream Lace Hem Swing Cami

Outfit 2 – Playsuit

If you’re a dress girl like me during summer I think this playsuit is perfect. Dresses aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to going for a walk,  I tend to feel like a sudden bit of wind and I’m going to be flashing my bum to the public and no one wants to see that! I love the fact that this playsuit looks like a dress but is less risky than a dress.  The lime green background and clashing cobalt blue baroque print, is gorgeous.


Elvie Large Baroque Swing Playsuit

Outfit 3 – Trousers

Last but not least the trousers option, if getting your legs out doesn’t float your boat or its a bit to chilly! These tapered and jogger style trousers are everywhere at the moment. They’re super comfortable and stretchy and loose-fitting so they won’t make you too hot. They come in all sorts of colourful and monochrome prints so if this print isn’t for you then shop around!  I decided to pair these trousers with a bardot style top for an added feminine touch, why not show some shoulder as your legs are covered.



White Bardot Neck Top

Footwear & Accessories

The shoes I chose for these outfits with the theme in mind are these ankle length cut out leather boots. I chose these because I think they’re still summer appropriate with the cut outs but also cover your feet enough. They are leather which makes them stronger and less likely to get damaged by mud or water, and of course flat boots should be comfortable to walk in.

I then chose some on trend cateye style sunglasses, as there is nothing worse than walking with the sun burning your eyes! For a bag I went for this lovely simple black backpack. If you’re going to be walking a lot there is nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder. You can carry this on your back and be able to move freely without worrying about your shoulder aching or it falling of your shoulder every 5 minutes.


ASOS ALONG SIDE ME Leather Ankle Boots

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Metal Nose Bridge

New Look Xhatch Formal Backpack

Which outfit would you wear?


July Favourites

July has been and gone so I decided I would share a few of my July beauty, fashion and random favourites with you. I find looking at what products and random things people have been enjoying each month interesting so I hope you do to!

So here are my favourites from the month of July…

image (1)

image (2)

Clinique Cheek Pops

The first product I have been enjoying for a while now, not just July are these two Clinique Cheek pops in the shades ‘Peach Pop’ and ‘Plum Pop’. First of all there’s no denying the flower pattern engraved into these blushes are irresistible and if you’re a make up lover like me, this sort of thing will make you want to buy a product even more! These two colours are perfect for any look you want to create with your make up, they can be applied for a natural look or built up for a brighter colour and they feel like velvet to touch. I love using my real techniques stippling brush when applying these blushes.

image (4)

Mitchum Flower Fesh Deodorant

  We all use it and I have come to the conclusion Mitchum deodorant is the best for the job. I like the ‘Flower Fresh’ Scented one, it’s very fresh and girly, I haven’t got much else to say but this works and I will be sticking to it.


Silver Jewellery

I have really been enjoying layering on the silver jewellery during july and now. These are some of my favourites the majority are from Volcano a jewellery shop on Poole high street. The others are from an Esty shop that I have in fact written a blog post on, which you can read HERE. I love silver jewellery with semi precious stones in, I’m not a diamonds and bling kind of girl.

image (5)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash

Who said taking your make up off and washing your face had to be a chore?

The two cleansing products I enjoyed during July and still am are the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash. My skins not the best recently but I think that is down to what I’ve been eating and stress. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a great dupe for the bloggers/YouTubers favourite Bioderma. It’s so quick and easy to pop on to a cotton bud and remove all your make up before you to bed, it literally feels like your using water!

Simple is a brand I always seem to end up going back to, I love using this face wash in the mornings in the shower. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh and I have noticed I have less dry skin around my nose, its hard to say if that’s down to this or a  new simple moisturiser I have recently been trying. I will do a skincare routine once I’ve given the other products a good try.

image (6)

Garnier Ultimate Blends – Colour Illuminator 

The shampoo and conditioner I have been enjoying is the Garnier Ultimate Blends colour Illuminator range, I have red coloured hair so these are perfect for me. I’m not very big on hair care but when I use a shampoo and conditioner I like my hair to have volume, feel soft but not too soft and this shampoo and conditioner seem to tick both boxes. I love the scent of theseand it seems to linger on my hair right up until I next wash it!

     photo 4 photo 2 photo 3

Covet Fashion Game

My next favourite mention is actually a game/app I have been enjoying for a while now. This game is called ‘Covet Fashion’. It’s basically a game where you create a fashion look based on a theme or items your asked to include within your look for events. Your looks then get voted on by other players and you also cast a vote on other players looks. You then get scored and win a fashion item in your game closet for future looks! The clothes are real clothes you can buy and sometimes even win if you get the highest score. I love putting together outfits so this is app is a lot of fun for me and its also free, go check it out!

july faves


My next favourite  is a music favourite and its of course Ed Sheeran’s new album X, I have been non stop playing this and still am! I think the whole album is good but a few of my faves are One, Don’t, Bloodstream, Photograph and Thinking Out Loud. If you haven’t listened to this album yet then I would seriously recommend giving it a go.


New Look Floral Dress

The last favourite of mine is this floral summer dress from New Look. I love this dress, it’s the perfect length on me and I love a good floral dress, unfortunately I can’t link you to it because I got this last year which is also when this picture was taken!

What is a favourite of yours from july?


Heat Wave

 Heat Wave

Recently in Britain the weather has been really heating up and apparently there’s an august heat wave to come! When its hot and sticky you have to dress appropriately otherwise its unbearable. I decided to create some fashion inspiration with an outfit I think would be perfect for a hot summers day!

 I love this white swing dress, I chose this not only because I love the border around the hem of the dress but also because swing dresses are so flowy and airy that they are perfect to stay cool in the summer. Swing dresses are so comfortable and look effortless. Of course sandals are a summer wardrobe essential and I love that these are leather, plastic shoes can make your feet sweat especially in summer (ew), so leather is the way forward and they last longer to,  at £22.00 these sandals are a complete steal! I then chose a lovely rope and gold detail statement necklace just to add something to the neckline of the dress. To coordinate with the black features in this outfit, I chose a suede black embossed crossbody bag, you don’t want to be lugging a huge bag around with you in the heat, so the smaller the cooler (see what I done there..tumble weed). Last but not least of course you need some sunnies at this time of the year, I chose these round black ones with gold metal detailing, round sunglasses seem to be everywhere at the moment and I think they add a quirky touch to this outfit.

 Shop the post:

ASOS Swing Dress in Floral Border Print

 ASOS FIDGET Leather Flat Sandals


Gold and Black Rope Necklace

Black and Gold Round Frame Sunglasses


What’s your favourite item from this outfit?




Fashion: The Girl Next Door .VS. The Rebel Next Door

 The girlie, cute girl next door look or the edgy, grungy rebel next door look which is your style?

I think I incorporate a bit of both into my style but I do love cute dresses, especially floral ones I must say!

The Girl Next Door

For the ‘Girl Next Door’ look I wanted to keep the outfit quite innocent and girlie without being completely prim and proper. I chose a cute coral collared skater dress because I think skater dresses are really girlie and the collar also adds to that, I love collared things! I then paired the dress with some shoes that are in a style that’s bang on trend at the moment. I have been seeing this style of shoes everywhere, they remind me of shoes I wore when I was younger, funny how trends from when I was younger are coming back round now I’m older! I then added a simple white bag to match the shoes and collar on the dress and added some transparent pink retro sunglasses for accessories. I would wear this look with a natural  no make up make up look, with a coral lip to match the dress. I’d style the hair half up, half down and wavy or in a fishtail plate for an extra girlie touch.


Felicity Contrast Collar Skater Dress


Pink Retro Sunglasses


The Rebel Next

For the ‘Rebel Next Door’ look I wanted to create something a bit more edgy and showing off more flesh. I chose some cut off black acid wash denim shorts to give a grungy, worn look. I then paired the shorts with a simple white V-neck crop top and added a tile spring kimono with a lace/crochet trim. I love how a patterned kimono make really plain outfit come together, but still look effortless. I wanted to add chunky heels for this look  and chose these sling back chunky heels with a zip down the foot with cleated soles, which is a big trend for shoes at the moment. For accessories I chose this hexagon studded bag and some  little hooped earrings in a variety of styles and sizes. I also added a huge trend item to this look and that’s the 90’s inspired, tattoo look choker. For make up, I would apply some dark brown or black eye-liner to the upper and lower lash line not too neatly and blend out.


Black Acid Wash Mom Shorts

White V Neck and Back Crop Top

Monochrome Tile Print Crochet Hem Kimono

Deena & Ozzy Hexagon Studded Cross-Body Bag in Black

Mini Hoop Earrings Pack


Which style do you prefer?


Etsy: ZennedOut Jewellery



So I was browsing Etsy for jewellery with quotes and came along a little shop called ZennedOut. I immediately fell in love with the rustic, handmade designs and inspiring quotes and symbols. As you know I suffer with OCD, Anxiety and have suffered with Depression which I am thankfully recovering from. I was looking for some jewellery that has some kind of meaning and inspiring quote that I can look to as a little reminder. The jewellery is handmade by the owner Cassie and has 3 other assistants doing jobs. There is so much choice on the shop from what metal the item is made out of, to the quote you want, followed by the symbol and even the finish on certain items. She stocks bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings all which are absolutely lovely, I may have to make another purchase sometime soon.

The only down side to buying from here is it’s based in the USA which means shipping, VAT and custom fees, that being said I think the jewellery is 100% worth it. The costs were not as bad as I thought and the delivery was straight forward as I opted for priority shipping. Which is a little more money but Cassie recommends this for outside US buyers because your order is less likely to be lost and held up in customs. Another thing I want to add is the owner (Cassie) is lovely, I asked so many questions and changed my order etc and she was nothing but willing to help and answer any of my questions, so if you do have anything to ask her about purchasing an item, shes the gal to ask! You can see from the pictures above how well packaged the items are, everything comes in a little box with her shop cards and a magnet in a little bag, too cute!! So on to what I bought, I literally received this today and took the pictures straight away because I was so excited about opening it!!


Constellation necklace,Scorpio constellation, zodiac necklace, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,Scorpio

I wasn’t planning on ordering a necklace but when I saw this, I fell in love with the whole concept of it, I often think star sign jewellery can be a bit tacky unless done well. I love how the first little disc on the necklace is your star signs constellation which in simple terms I think is your zodiac star formation. On the second disc which is a brassy/gold colour it has three of your chosen traits from your star sign along with your star signs symbol. I love how personal these necklaces feel to you and I think the design is perfect. I love how the edges of the first disk are rough, it gives the necklace a more rustic less polished feel. You can decide which length chain you want, which personality traits you want and of course which star sign you want. I cannot wait to wear this, simple, personal and cute!





Breathe secret message ring, hamsa hand ring, lotus flower ring, secret message ring, yoga ring, customizable ring, breathe, yoga

I love rings and I saw this one with the quote inside and thought it would be perfect for me. I chose to keep the quote that was in the picture of this ring, although you can change it if you want and there are many design variations and quote ideas on her other items. I think ‘breathe’ is a good one for me personally though. When you’re in the mist of anxiety and OCD you can find your heart racing which obviously makes you breathe faster and you can get in such a panic, which is why I think this is a good quote for me, to remind myself to keep calm and take deep breathes and just breathe. I like how secret and personal the message is and even though everyone can’t see it when you look down at the ring on your finger you will know it’s there and it will remind you. You can also pick the symbols you want. I chose a lotus flower because they grow in muddy ponds signifying what I’ve been through as the mud and the lotus flower as recovery and blossoming! I then chose the ‘Om’ sign because it’s the sign for meditation and although I don’t meditate, I should partake in mindfulness to help with my anxiety and it also just signifies peace.


On the other side of fear lies freedom Custom cuff bracelet, secret message bracelet, bird bracelet, inspirational gift, personalized gift

I am in love with the simple look of this bracelet. The quote inside should be my motto ‘On the other side of fear lies freedom’ anyone with OCD will relate to the meaning of this quote and  of course anyone in general. It’s in the hammered finish and has a little swallow symbol on the outside! I couldn’t be happier with this bracelet, the quote makes the bracelet mean so much to me and makes it so  personal to me!






The extremely cute magnet that came in the little bag, this is now on my radiator!

What is your favourite item I got?



The Tropical Trend

tropical trend

Today I am going to be talking about the tropical themed trend I’ve seen in all the high street shops recently. Whether its exotic flowers, palm trees and leaves or fruity prints such as pineapples, It’s certainly making an appearance in this years summer trends and I can see why. The vibrant colours and exotic prints are perfect for this time of year. Some of the prints I have seen look a little bit daring and tricky to style. I spent some time looking online at all the different high street tropical themed clothes and thought why not put a couple of outfits together using some of my favourite items I found. Maybe it will inspire some of you guys to try out the trend or give you some inspiration on how to style these bold prints.

From left to right..

Outfit 1 

I love this outfit, pairing matching tops and bottoms is really on trend at the moment. I love how this could look like a playsuit but the little crop top will show some waist breaking up the very bright palm tree print. I didn’t want to pair these two items with anything too bold as there is so much going on with the print and colours already. I went for some white sandals with a little lime trim around the edge to match the crop stop and shorts, subtly taking the colour scheme trough to the shoes. Then adding a little white bag with metal corners for some added detail. I think you could easily change the sandals for heels and rock this on a summer night out.


Topshop Concession Crop Top 

Topshop Concession Shorts

ASOS Sandals

Zara Bag

Outfit 2

I love this dress, the print and colours are so exotic and bright, I love the off the shoulder detail and sweetheart neckline, I think that’s a really flattering and sexy but subtle way to show some skin. This is clearly a very dressy dress so I wanted to pair it with heels. I struggled with finding a style and colour that I thought didn’t clash or look too much with the statement pattern on the dress already. I decided to keep it simple and go with some black court shoes, simple yet classy! I stuck with black for the bag with gold metal trim , again wanting to keep the dress as the statement and the accessories simple. You’re bound to stand out in this head turning dress on a night out.


Topshop Concession Dress

ASOS Heels

ASOS Clutch

Outfit 3

I wanted to include an outfit which still had the tropical trend incorporated into it but wasn’t so ‘out there’.  I wanted find a way to work a bold trend in to a simpler outfit  as wearing a print so bold isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can seem a little daunting. I picked a cute white skater skirt with little cut outs along the hem and paired it with a simple black cami top tucked in. I paired these two items with a coral/pink kimono cover up which goes perfectly with the tropical print clutch bag which has the same pink within it. I think the clutch is such a lovely detail to the outfit as everything else included is so simple. I then chose some jelly sandals in the same pink colour to tie it all together, I would also add-on some dainty jewellery for a little added touch. This is a cute outfit perfect for a summer’s day/evening, to dress it up a little more add some heels and you’re good to go!


New Look Skirt

New Look Cami

New Look Kimono 

Top Shop Jelly Sandles

Outfit 4

I wanted to include an outfit with trousers in, as I have seen a lot of tropical and floral print jogger style trousers around. I think they’re good for an English summer as it’s not always that hot over here but they’re  still slightly baggy and airy to keep you cool. I love colour of these jogger style trousers and black and white tropical floral print. I paired the trousers with a plain black cami tucked in, as I wanted to keep the top very simple and make the trousers the statement piece within this outfit. I added some cute black sandals and a fringed and studded bag to add a little something without being too over the top. I also added a statement necklace to add some detail to the neckline of the plain cami top. You could easily change the sandals to heels and the bag to a clutch for a night out.


Topship Trousers

New Look Cami

ASOS Sandles

Zara Bag

New Look Necklace

Will you be wearing the ‘tropical trend’ this summer? and which out fit above is your favourite?