Feel Good Friday: Your Day And Clouds That Get In The Way


So on today’s Feel Good Friday blog post I’m going to talk about not letting small negative things ruin your whole day. I’m not talking about serious, life changing events because I know this can’t be applied to certain situations  I know all to well that sometimes we let ourselves get so down and effected by little things that go wrong from day-to-day and forget all the good stuff. It’s really easy to do, your be going about your day and one thing will happen such as you break something, someone’s nasty to you, you eat that fattening piece of cake or you’re late for work etc and you let it effect your whole day. I really like this quote I found on Tumblr, I think its such a good way of looking at things, and decided I wanted to make a little picture to go with it and write about it. Think of the whole sky as your whole day and the cloud as that bad thing that’s gone wrong. You wouldn’t look at the whole sky and see one cloud and think today’s weather was awful, you would think at least it’s not blocking the sun, at least it’s just one cloud, at least it’s not raining or at least it’s still warm etc. If it was raining would you let it take over your whole day? No you would think ‘oh well it will pass and the sun will come out soon’. The same thing goes for bad things that happen within our days, those little annoying, inconvenient things that get you down. Why let one thing or a few small things completely take over and ruin your whole day?

For instance just today I have binge eaten on all sorts of bad foods whilst I’m trying to lose weight, I instantly feel like a failure and that I have ruined my diet now. But there is also some good things that have happened today, its sunny, I’m healthy, my family are well, I have had a productive day, I had a delicious Costa, I cuddled my dog and my anxiety isn’t too bad today. These are all good things that seem to get overlooked by the one bad thing that happened. Another the example is I will have had a good day and then in the evening a OCD thought makes anxious and scared and suddenly think what a bad ending to a good day or well that’s ruined my good day! It’s such a negative way to think, the good day still happened and one bad thing shouldn’t affect your whole day.

We often tend to have the mind-set of ‘okay yes today has been a good day BUT that bad thing was worse and ruined it’. The only reason that bad thing ruined or over powered the good things were because we allowed it to, we pay it too much attention to the bad and not enough to the good stuff.  We are quick to notice the bad things but not quick enough to appreciate the good things. No matter how small those good things still happened and having some bad things can’t change that unless you let it.  Just imagine that bad, inconvenient thing as a cloud passing by in the background of your blue sky (which is your day. When I look at the picture above I don’t notice the little grey cloud first, I notice the pretty daisy, the bright green grass and the vibrant blue sky. Notice the beauty and good things surrounding you and start paying less attention to the negative things, don’t let them ruin your whole day. Acknowledge them but don’t give them your whole days worth of emotions, allow the good emotions to be the ones you focus on that’s how we learn to appreciate the little things.

Happy Friday beautiful people,


Feel Good Friday: 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Blue



Sometimes when you’re feeling down you tend to sit and wallow in the feeling, you mope around and feel sorry for yourself. We’ve all been there, when you feel like nothing will cheer you up or you just temporarily forget about the things that will make you feel better. I thought I would write a list of 10 things to do when you feel like your mood is in a downward spiral, I want to try to remember these things for when I’m struggling with my OCD, Anxiety or just feeling a little down. We forget there are things we can do to try to make ourselves feel a little better. So YOU, if you’re reading this when you’re down, its time to pick yourself, gather your thoughts and feelings and try to combat that blue feeling.

1.Create a playlist of songs that make you happy, the kind of songs that when you listen to you can’t help but want to sing or jig around to! Listen to the playlist when you’re not feeling your best, turn off those depressing slow songs, it’s all about the feel good music!


2.Grab a comfy jumper, onesie or your favourite PJ’s and put them on. There’s nothing snugglier than being all comfortable and cosy, read on for ideas what to do before and after!

3. Take a warm, bubbly and calming bath with candles for a relaxing ambient. Baths are known to be relaxing, try to practice ‘Mindfulness’  whilst you’re in there. Become an observer of your thoughts but don’t get lost in them. Simply be in the moment, notice the feeling of the water, the smell of the bubbles and the warmth. Play some relaxing music or watch something you enjoy. When your brain tries to get you to worry and think too much, notice the thoughts but then bring yourself back to noticing the water, music or candles etc.


4. Read a book. I’m not a huge fan of reading but I know a lot of people are and find it a good way to shut of their thoughts and escape into the words and stories on the pages. Although If I was going to pick a book to read a bit out of, it would be ‘Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong 365 Days A Years’ which I reviewed HERE. You could even read your chosen book in the bath!

5. Pick a feel good, funny film and watch it. A film your guaranteed to laugh at. Get under the covers or snuggle under a blanket on the sofa and have a giggle. I recommend Brides Maids.

6. Cuddle your pet. I love cuddling my dog when I’m feeling down, its like they can tell your not feeling your best and can make you feel so loved.

photo (5)
7. Make a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. There is something lovely about the warmth of a drink, we tend to associate hot drinks with cosy and comforting times.

8. Do something creative, paint a picture, draw, paint your nails, bake some delicious cute cupcakes, clear out your room, you know what they say clear room, clear mind! Being creative makes us feel productive and good about ourselves.

9. Go for a walk, either with someone, walk your dog or alone. Go somewhere pretty, take in the views and fresh air. It doesn’t have to be far but sometimes removing yourself from your current situation or surroundings can clear your head and get rid of that groggy, fed up feeling making you feel more alert and able to process your thoughts and feelings. Plus our bodies love fresh air, that’s a fact.



10. Go to the shop, buy fresh flowers, a beautiful smelling candle, a magazine, some naughty foods and any other supplies that make you feel good. Go home arrange the flowers in a vase and put them in the room you spend the most time in, light the candle and read your magazine whilst munching on your favourite yummy foods or sip on a warm drink.

photo (4)


These are just a few things we can do when we’re feeling down. Let me know in the comments what you do if your feeling down or any other suggestions you have for me or anyone else feeling down in the dumps and needing to turn that frown up side down!

Happy Friday,


Feel Good Friday: 16 Things I Remember…

I love reminiscing about all the funny things I used to love and do when I was younger. I have seen something called the 90’s tag floating around YouTube and instead of not being sure whether something was legit 90’s or not. I thought I would just write a list of things I remember that make me laugh, make me happy and that I think a lot of other people will relate to!

1. I remember when boys we’re icky. When the phrase ‘boy germs or girls germs, no returns’ was  used as you’d touch someone to pass on the boy or girl germs to them. Now you have to worry about catching proper diseases of boys and girls (you know what I’m talking about). Oh how things were so much simpler back then.

2. I remember when Claire’s Accessories seemed like paradise. Full of jewellery, earrings, the latest hair accessories, make up and other girlie things. Does anyone remember those trinket pots, they came out with lots of designs and I wanted them all! They had a present bow on one side then if you turned the lid over there we’re two wire like things with some little ornaments on top, someone tell me I’m not the only one who remembers these!

3. I remember when Tammy Girl was the most fashionable shop to get your clothes. I think everyone used to shop there if you were from around my generation and before.


4. I remember when stationary shopping made me very happy. I would raid WH Smith. New pencil-case, pencils, gel pens, sparkly fluffy pens, note books, rubbers and all that good stuff. I especially loved going shopping for new stationary for a new year at school. Ahhh all that fresh new stationary haha!

5. No shopping trip or day out with the girls was complete without some gorgeous group photos in a photo booth. Then the next thing was to, go in an apple store and use the Mac Photo booth to take pictures of you and all your friends in different effects. You’d then Bluetooth them to your phone and upload them to Bebo!  Don’t forget doing the most cringe worthy poses you can. A personal favourite of mine was making a tick shape with my thumb and finger then placing it on my chin and doing the best moody pout I could or the look away from the camera pose!

tumblr_n2nolljVFa1ro04efo1_1280   n701675466_5485794_9113

6. I remember when receiving a sticker at school literally made my day. Sticking them on the front of your work book or to your jumper, if you ended up with two that day, you knew it had been a good day. That’s how you make the other kids jealous.


7. I remember when skipping was one of my top playground games. Especially when two people held a long skipping rope and you had to run in and start jumping then try run out again. Feeling like a pro when you succeeded without falling flat on your face or getting whipped in the face by the skipping rope. Singing rhymes like ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground’ etc and having to do what ‘teddy bear’ is doing whilst skipping.

8. I remember when wearing tops with huge sparkly, obnoxious slogans and phrases on it was cool. Things like ‘A is for Attitude’ or ‘Beach Babe’ or something along those lines. I have only have one thing appropriate for this.


9. I remember when getting ‘corn rows’ or hair braids on holiday was a thing. You’d come back from being on holiday and feel super cool at school with your corn rows, or colourful beaded braid!

10. I remember when party bags were one of the best things about going to party’s, minus the cake and fun. Looking in your party bag and finding all sorts of pointless but amazing things, pencils, mini nail polishes, sweets, plastic toys, party horns and other novelty gifts in a little bag, it was the simple things! Down below you will see me super pleased with my party bag haha that face!


11. I remember when you would write I Love ??? or S.O.V.S (someone very special) on your hand at school. But then when someone ask who you’d get all shy and embarrassed and answer ‘NOT TELLING’. It was a major secret back then, I mean imagine if that got out and the person found out you liked them. That would be the end of your school life as you knew it.

12. I remember when Jacqueline Wilson books were the books that all girls read. I owned most of them and me not being a massive reader never read them, but I still owned a good collection of them and continued to buy them when the other hadn’t been read!

13. I remember some of the amazing TV programmes I used to watch. Saved By The Bell, Lizzie Maguire, That’s So Raven, Keenan and Kel, Tracy Beaker, Sister Sister, Recess, Rugrats, Two Of A Kind, Art Attack, The Amanda Show, 8 Simple Rules and the list goes on, oh how I miss them!


14. I remember when magazines were only good if they had quizzes in them. Mizz magazine was one of my favourite magazines because of the quizzes like ‘Find out which boy band member you would date’ or ‘Find out which member of such and such pop band your most like’ the answers I got to those quizzes were legit ok. As for when I was much younger I would pick the a magazine according to how good the freebie attached to it was and if it had a colouring picture in it!

15. I remember when summer was arriving at first school and you got to wear your gingham summer school dress with frilly socks. You’d feel super pretty and summary rocking up in one of those, funny how gingham and frilly socks are now stylish!

Girls Summer Dress Gingham Check-600x600

16. I remember when I used to listen to what my mum would call ‘Chipmunk’ music with my friends, DJ Boonie and DJ Cammy were two faves. These songs were quite often girls Bebo videos accompanied by some sort of sad story or cute love story to go with the music. Such great music taste.

These are just a few of the things I could think of. I had a little giggle thinking of these and reading through them, let me know in the comments if you remember any of these things, or let me know what classic funny and memorable things you remember from when you were young. If you want do a blog post of your own ‘I remember when’s’ and link me to it in the comments so we can all reminisce on these good times!!

Happy Friday,


Not all pictures used are my own.

Feel Good Friday: Character Not Reputation


At some point everyone feels pressure to be a certain way to be accepted by people around them. I know when I was at school I definitely did, I wanted to fit in like everyone else does and its not until I left school I realised how being popular is not the be all and end all. Yes it is easier to fit in and be like everyone else that’s why we do it, but once you’re out of that situation you’re going to wish you stuck to your true character. Whether its doing something you don’t want to but everyone else is doing so you feel you have to, or liking the same music because its uncool if you don’t, letting people walk all over you because your afraid if you say something they won’t like you any more. Whatever it is remember your reputation is not worth discarding your character for, if you have to be a certain way around people and they try to make fun of you because of who you are, they aren’t the right people for you to be around. Your true character doesn’t suit them, so accept that and find friends you can be yourself and nothing but yourself around. They are the friends that will be there when you need them, the others aren’t your true friends if they laugh at you because you won’t drink alcohol, smoke, look down upon you or listen to same music as them whatever it may be. Stay true to yourself and you will find some true friends you fit in with.

Happy Friday,




Feel Good Friday: Hello May!


I do not understand where the months go, at the start of the New Year I wrote a blog post about what I want to achieve this year and how months and years go by,  then before I know it nothings changed, you can read that  post HERE. I can’t believe it’s already may and I’m starting to notice how nothing has changed again. May isn’t a significant month like the January is because of the New Year, but I will be turning 20, which I’m not going to lie scares the crap out of me!! I remember turning 18 and it only feels like 5 mins ago, not a lot has changed since then. This is a ‘feel good Friday’ blog post so I don’t want to focus on the fact my life hasn’t moved on much, instead I want to focus on starting to achieve things I want to. To get the ball rolling I’m going write a mini may list of little things I want to start achieving  or that I am looking forward to this month. Obviously these achievements and aspirations are not only for the month of May but it’s almost a little to do list to remind me, get me started and motivate me! So here goes..

  • Firstly although turning 20 scares me, I am excited its my birthday. Who doesn’t like having a whole day dedicated to celebrating your birth where you receive present, eat too much cake and spend time with your family!


  • May is usually slightly warmer than April, which is always something to look forward to. Although, its been raining and thundering in England the past couple of weeks, oh the joys of an English spring/summer! The sun seems to not only brighten up the sky’s, but my mind also feels brighter and fresher when its summer!


  • More weight loss, so as some of you may know I am a Weight Watchers member, I managed to lose 3 stone but then I fell of the band wagon and put some of it back on. I have recently started getting back in to it and I’ve started doing my ‘Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred’ Work out again. So I am hoping the month of may, is going to be a good one on the weight loss front (plus all the other months to)!!


  • Now here’s a big one for me, this crosses my mind every month and is probably my biggest challenge. I haven’t had a long-term job pretty much ever due to my OCD and Depression, I have had short-term jobs but due to the problems I was going through,  I would quit. I am getting stronger at managing these problems and know I need to start looking for a part-time job soon, yes I probably am putting it off. It’s a big deal to me though, its scary and Its going to be out of my comfort zone. During May I want to start to just look around for jobs and maybe apply for a couple of part-time ones. I feel almost ready, but fear is stopping me, but I am hoping turning 20 will motivate me into taking the plunge, I don’t want to leave it much longer if I can help it!


  • I don’t thank my blog, readers and followers enough. It means so much to me that people take the time to read my blog posts and even find help and comfort in some of my mental health posts. I am looking forward to my blog growing and having lots of lovely new followers and seeing where this blogging journey takes me!


  • Another thing that’s on my to do list is cooking and blogging Weight Watchers recipes! I always say I’m going to do this but I never do. I have already started trying some new ones out, I recently made banana oatmeal pancakes, kale chips and a pesto and mascarpone filled chicken breast with home-made bread crumbs, yum! Here’s to many more!


  • This is a stupid one, but I am looking forward to it none the less, I love Catfish the tv show and there is a new series starting on the 12th of may on MTV. Does anyone else look forward to new series of TV shows? I don’t think I am the only one! TV has really been boring me recently so I hope some new series will be coming out. I miss My Mad Fat Diary already!


Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to in may, or things you want to start achieving. Also let me know if you decide to write a little reminder list to!!

Happy Friday and Happy May!


Feel Good Friday: Be Kind To Yourself


I came across this quote on Tumblr and it really inspired me. I just want to say you can easily change ‘daughter’ to ‘son’ if you’re not a female of course! This quote is close to my heart as I have struggled with my weight and body image since suffering with depression and eating my feelings. I feel contradictory writing about accepting your appearance as I have yet to accept mine and I am currently trying to lose weight after losing 3 stone on Weight Watchers and falling of the bandwagon for some months now. Not only because I will be more happy with myself but also to be healthy, how I feel about my body is stopping me from doing things I want to in life. I can’t lie though I do care what other people think, but I don’t think the way we talk about ourselves and make ourselves feel is ok. Telling yourself your fat, ugly, no one will love you etc is only going to make you feel worse and ultimately where is the self hate going to get you? will it make you prettier or thinner? or will it make you depressed and un confident? If you want to lose a bit of weight to be more healthy and comfortable in your own skin, then that’s great but if you we’re happy with the way you we’re until someone made you feel like your body wasn’t ok, then that’s not ok, if your happy and healthy that’s all that matters.


Being self-conscious doesn’t mean we have to be nasty to ourselves, do we really deserve constant insults? no, we need to start being kinder to ourselves. You wouldn’t say to a family member or friend ‘ew your so fat, you look gross’ so why say it to yourself, you have feelings to don’t you? If being slightly over weight or bigger than society deems as ‘sexy’ is the worst thing people have to criticise you for, then you must be a pretty amazing human being inside. I would rather be overweight and able to change that problem if I wanted, than be a judgemental person who’s ugly on the inside, that’s a lot harder to change. Don’t abuse yourself with unkind words you wouldn’t use on someone else. If someone has a problem with the way you look that’s their problem not yours. Often we can see the beauty in other people, rather than ourselves,which means people see the beauty in us even if we don’t! I wish I had some words of wisdom on how to love yourself truly but I don’t, all I know is self hate will not change how you look, it just changes how you feel, and it’s not going to be in a good way. When we are happy and kind to ourselves that’s when we are able to motivate ourselves to change if that’s what we want, but calling ourselves nasty names along the way, will only make us more negative and less motivated.


Feel Good Friday: Happy Nearly Easter

easter blog postMade By Stresses And Dresses

So it only seemed fitting that I do today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ post about Easter, seeing as it’s in a couple of days! I wasn’t sure what to write about on the topic of Easter as so many people have different views on it, some celebrate it because of Jesus Christ and the Bible and others just celebrate as an occasion.Which is giving each other chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts and seeing family etc. Others might not even celebrate it at all, which is ok to. Then I thought well how ever you decide to spend your Easter, I hope it’s a good one and how you spend it makes you happy.

Even if your not receiving an Easter egg of someone, go buy yourself one and enjoy it, its Easter so don’t feel guilty about the chocolate your eating, it’s an excuse right? Another thing that comes hand in hand with Easter is holidays, which means people get time of work!! In the UK we get a 4 day weekend, so make the most of it, see your family, scoff chocolate, enjoy the spring weather and RELAX.

 Happy Friday and Happy Easter for Sunday!