February Beauty Favourites

It’s a new month which means, February beauty favourites blog post! The time where I gather up my favourite products of the month and share them all with you lovely people, so let’s get started!

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1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I’ve never been much of a bronzer girl, I always contour to slim my chubby cheeks down but It’s just not something I’ve ever felt like buying a high-end version of. It’s a lovely colour, not too orange but not to brown toned. Whether you’re a bronzer girl, contour girl or both, this is perfect for all.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

If you haven’t heard of this concealer yet, then you’re clearly not a blog reader or avid YouTube watcher like me. It’s probably one of the most talked about drugstore concealers ever. I stopped using this for a while and I don’t know why, It gives such good coverage and not only that its super affordable. I don’t use this under my eyes because I think it’s a bit too heavy for such a delicate area. Why spend out when you can find such an amazing drugstore concealer.

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Another very talked about product on blogs and Youtube. This is a lovely drugstore powder, I have the shade ‘Sandstorm’ which is perfect for me. This powder can look really natural on the skin, it gives you a little coverage, is super affordable and sets your make up in place. Job well done.

4. L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer

Another amazing drugstore product. This is my favourite under eye concealer at the moment, It’s not too heavy for the delicate under eye area,  gives coverage and highlights. This can also be used to highlight cheek bones, brow bones and the cupids bow.

5. Mac Mebla Blush

This is my go to blusher. Its one of MACs very well-known blushes and I can see why. I think it’s a shade that would suit many skin tones, it’s a soft coral peach. It’s such a wearable shade and gives you a warm peachy complexion to your cheeks.


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1. Maybelline Falsies Mascara

This is one of my favourite drugstore mascaras ever. It’s so easy to work with, you don’t have to apply layers and layers to get full long lashes. Two coats and my lashes have a lot of volume and length. I can’t speak highly enough about this mascara, try it!

2. & 4. Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow

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The thing that I was most drawn to about these eyeshadows where the fact they reminded me of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, not only that but these two gorgeous shades Bronze and Copper. They are a strange mousse-like creamy consistency and I love these used all over the eyelid paired with other shadows in the crease or used together. I have noticed some creasing after a long time wearing these alone on the eye lid, but all in all I really do love the shades and look of these on the eyes.

3. MAC Quad & Eyeshadows

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From left to right, Shroom, Woodwinked, Wedge and Swiss Chocolate.

These are my first ever eyeshadows by MAC and I love creating looks with this quad. MAC describes shroom as a soft beige with shimmer, woodwinked as a warm antiqued gold, Wedge as a soft muted beige taupe and Swiss Chocolate as a muted reddish-brown. They all work together so well to create different looks, from day time natural looks to smokey looks. Although, I’m really unimpressed with Wedge, getting the swatch above was nearly impossible, I’m not sure if I just got a dodgy one.


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1. & 2. MAC Lip Pencil (Stripdown) & MAC Lipstick (Honey Love)

 This has been currently favourite nude lip pencil and lipstick combo. In the picture above Stripdown looks a lot browner than it is and it looks very different on the lips. MAC describes Stripdown lip pencil as a creamy brown-beige, and Honey Love lipstick as a matte light beige tone with rose. It’s a very different shade nude to what I’ve had before as its more beige toned rather peachy toned, but it’s really grown on me and it’s quite moisturising for a matte lipstick.

2. Nuxe Reve De Miel Lipbalm

This is my all time favourite lip balm. Its one of the best lip balms you will ever try, it is a pricey £9.50 but I think it’s worth every penny. I apply this once before I do my makeup and once before bed and I never need to re apply it through out the day, unless my lips are particularly dry. I find some lip balms are moisturising whilst sitting on your lips, but once its worn off you need to re apply it. This is a thick, citrus scented and extremely hydrating lip balm. If you have chapped lips, this is your new best friend, you wont regret it.

3. MAC Lipstick (Crosswires)

Crosswires and Honey Love have both been my go to lipsticks in the month of February and I don’t see that changing any time soon. MAC describes this as a clean pinky orange. The formula of this is a creme sheen, which is MACS creamiest and most moisturising formula, which is why this lipstick is so comfortable to wear. It’s the perfect in-between bright and nude shade. Perfect for everyday wear.

Have tried any of these products?

Let me know in the comments one of your February favourites!


Step By Step Autumnal Make Up

I don’t know about anyone else but I am extremely excited for autumn. I love the deep plum, berry and burgundy colours that come into season, the darker lip and nail shades, the weather and the fact Christmas isn’t too far away, I just love autumn. Which is why I thought I’d get into the autumnal spirit and create a step by step autumn inspired make up look!




First of all I prepped my face and lips with my moisturiser and a good hydrating lip balm. Next I applied MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer to smooth everything out ready to apply my foundation. I then used a Mac 190 Foundation Brush to apply MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in the shade ‘NC15’ all over my face. To conceal any redness, dark under eye circles or blemishes I used the Maybelline Better Skin Concealer and blended that in with a real techniques deluxe crease brush.


To fill in my eyebrows I used an Eco Tools Angled brush and applied the waxy side of the Sleek Brow Kit in the shade ‘Dark’ to lightly fill in my brows and give them a natural but fuller look. I would normally then take the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel in the shade ‘Light/Medium’ and set them in place but I had lost it at the time (I’ve found it now though, panic over haha).



 IMG_1887 IMG_1886


On to one of the main features in this makeup look, the eyes. I wanted to use, pinky toned eye shadows to compliment the deep berry lips and a deep brown shade in the crease, all very wearable neutral shades. The three colours above are all from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I firstly applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my eye lids, then using the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, I applied the shade ‘Limit’ all over my eyelids as a base for the next shade. The next shade I used is called ‘Buzz’ and  I applied it over the top of ‘Limit’, making the shimmery shade ‘Buzz’ more opaque. I then took the deep shimmery brown shade ‘Factory’ and blended this through my crease and on the very outer corner of my eye, I also took this shade under my eyes and blended everything out. To add definition to the eyes without making it any more dramatic, I applied a brown Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in the shade ‘Corrupt’, which is a lovely deep brown shade with flecks of shimmer running through it. I only applied this half way across my lash line and the same on my lower lash line, I then blended this out to soften it. I used my By terry Shadow Stick in the shade ‘Blonde Opal’ on the inner corners of my eyes and slightly along my lower lash line. You can read a full review on this product HERE.


I set my foundation and concealer in place using the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in the shade ‘Medium’. I then took the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer and lightly contoured my cheeks, forehead and jaw using a Real Techniques Blush Brush. For blush I used my absolute current favourite MAC Mineralize Blush in the shade ‘New Romance’ over my cheeks again using the same blush brush. This shade is gorgeous and gives a slight healthy sheen to your cheeks as its mineral based. It’s a lovely everyday, easy to wear blush.


To finish of the eyes I curled my lashes and applied the Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara (my current favourite mascara to use).




On to my favourite part of the whole look, the lips. This lipstick is MAC ‘Rebel’, a recent purchase of mine and I have fallen in love with it. It’s a lovely deep berry shade perfect for autumn and winter! This lipstick brings the whole look together and I think it brings out the pinky undertones in the eye shadow and pairs with it perfectly.


I hope you all love this look as much as I do!

Are you excited for Autumn?


Lets Talk Brows..

Brows, bushes, caterpillars, slugs whatever you nick name your eyebrows we all have them and we need to make sure we pay attention to them during are daily make up routine! For a long time I was one of those girls who thought ‘What’s the point?’ ‘Will it make any difference?’ ‘I can’t be bothered etc I didn’t think they we’re any big deal. I used to over pluck my eyebrows and never bother to fill them in but I’ve realised what a difference giving your some TLC can do. Eyebrows play a massive part in how our eyes look and they frame our faces,  so I thought I would share my latest eye brow routine with you and show what a difference your eyebrows can make to your face!

Eye Brow Routine

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara In Medium Brown

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers

Soap & Glory™ Archery™ Brow Tint and Pencil in Brownie Points

First of all I would recommend seeing a professional to either wax, thread or pluck your eyebrows into a tidy shape, without a tidy shape its hard to fill in your eyebrows as there’s not much of a guideline. I get mine waxed and its one of the best decisions I made and its definitely worth paying some money rather than plucking them yourself and risk over plucking and loosing your natural eyebrow shape! In between waxes I just pluck out any really noticeable hairs with my Vintage Cosmetic Tweezers.

I brush my eye brows through with an eyebrow brush before doing anything to my brows, so the hairs are smooth and going in the same direction, this makes it a lot easier to fill in your eye brows and follow your natural shape. To fill my eyebrows in I use the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil, this is a rather new purchase and I am really enjoying it. One end has a pencil for any bigger areas you may want to fill in and the other end has a very delicate precise felt tip like end. I start with the felt tip end and concentrate this on outer thinnest area of my eye brows and around the edges as I can get a really precise application with this. I use little brush strokes to apply this creating an almost hair like texture, giving your eyebrows a more realistic less drawn on look! I then go in with the pencil to finish off any larger areas or where there are any gaps, the great thing about this eyebrow duo is the colour is very faint which means you can build the colour up making it easy for you to control how much colour your applying so you can achieve a natural result, without them looking to harsh and drawn on!

Last but not least I take my Maybelline eyebrow mascara and apply this to my brows. I start at the thickest part of my eye brow and brush the hairs  in there natural direction and up slight at the arch of my eyebrow then taking it down the thinnest area of my eye brows, this will make sure your eyebrows will be looking neat and tidy all day, also adding a little more definition to the hairs and shape of your eyebrows. You can also apply a little bit of highlighter just on your brown bone to make your eyebrows appear lifted and your eyes more awake!


Down below I have taken some pictures to show the real difference between filling your eyebrows in and not. On the left side of the pictures my eyebrows will be natural and on the right I will have done the above steps to them!



The right where I have filled in my eyebrows, makes my eye look wider, more awake and lifts the whole of my face. On the left side you can see where I have’t filled them in, my eye looks much smaller, less awake and that side of my face doesn’t look at lifted.


 Above is the finished result of both eye brows being filled in, it really does make a huge difference to the shape of your eyes and framing your face!

Comment if the word eyebrow looks and sounds weird now I’ve written it so much, does to me!