Bach Rescue Remedy: Does It Work?




Bach Rescue Remedy is something I have been using for a while now and I thought It might be useful to give my opinion on how it works! So what is ‘Rescue Remedy’? It’s basically a natural remedy containing flower extracts that are meant to comfort and reassure you when your feeling, anxious or stressed etc! You put 4 drops on your tongue or in a drink of your choice. Rescue Remedy says It contains,’Impatiens’ for when your feeling impatient, ‘Star Of Bethlehem’ for trauma and shock, ‘Cherry Plum’ for when you feel like your mind is running away with itself and your losing control of your thoughts, ‘Rock Rose’ for panic and terror and ‘Clematis’ to bring clarity and alertness the present moment. The only other ingredient in it is grape alcohol! Its meant to help comfort and calm you down in times of need, obviously if you have an underlying reason of why your feeling like you do this isn’t going to be a cure or something you should rely on, you need real help.

I have seen a lot of articles and writing about how it doesn’t work its all a placebo effect meaning people think there taking something to calm themselves down therefore they do calm down. I still don’t know if my positive experience taking this is due to a placebo or not, but I feel like if it helps me to calm down then maybe its worth it. Bach do a variety of different versions of this. They do the droplets like in the picture above, the spray, soothing pastels, a sleep remedy and even one for pets! A lot of people buy this for driving tests, exams, job interviews and public speaking, but of course its to be used for any situation you want comfort and reassurance during in, these are just examples.

My Experience

I first discovered Rescue Remedy when I was in Greece. Long story short I had a bit of a panic before I got on the plane to fly to Greece and refused to get on, I finally got on and eventually I calmed down. I don’t think it was the flying itself rather than just the anxiety of leaving my comfort zone and a fear of being sick on the plane. My OCD seemed to latch on to this and as going home got closer my OCD started to play up and fear came flooding in. I was having all sorts of crazy thoughts ‘What if the plane crashes?’ ‘What if these aren’t thoughts and there premonitions?’ ‘If I don’t put/do such and such in a certain way that might mean the plane will crash’. I was having vivid images of me and my family crashing in the plane and it terrified me. It was a new feeling to me as I’d been on planes before and although I had been nervous about flying this was a fear like nothing before. I generally feared for mine and my family’s lives. I thought this was ‘signs’ I should go on a different flight which lead to me wanting to not fly and stay the night to get a different plane. Might I add I know this sounds crazy but that’s OCD for ya!

On the day of flying home I was adamant I wasn’t going to fly and the holiday rep recommend going to the chemist to buy some Rescue Remedy as she heard it was helpful. My Mum was desperate to find a way to get me to fly, so she went with the rep and bought me some. I finally got the Rescue Remedy which I was very skeptical about but really needed it to work. Leading up to leaving for the flight I could not stop crying, but as we got on the coach and I started taking the rescue remedy I seemed to calm down. I was still very worried don’t get me wrong, but I felt more able to control the emotions like it took the edge of it. Whether it’s because I was hoping it could work or it did I don’t know, all I know is I’m not sure how much worse that flight home would have been without it. I got on the plane, no tears just a little shaky but a lot calmer. Since then I have bought it on and off, I carry it around in my bag so if I feel anxious in public I can have a few drops to try calm me down. I also take it at home when my OCD is very bad and I’m feeling particularly stressed and anxious. I don’t know how much it does calm me down but I feel like I do notice a difference. I know some people can be funny about what something is going to taste like but I wouldn’t say it’s bad, my mum said it tastes like brandy!


I hope this has helped you decide whether or not they want to go ahead and purchase some Rescue Remedy or given you a little info about a product that might be useful for you! For a 20 ml bottle it’s £9.99 which is a little pricey, check out your local chemist, pharmacy or supermarket to find it. So I understand some people would be against paying out the money for something that could possibly be a placebo, but anxiety can be an awful feeling so I think its worth trying, if you don’t use it to often it should last a while.

Let know in the comments if you have tried Rescue Remedy and what your experience taking it was like?


Feel Good Friday: Happy Nearly Easter

easter blog postMade By Stresses And Dresses

So it only seemed fitting that I do today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ post about Easter, seeing as it’s in a couple of days! I wasn’t sure what to write about on the topic of Easter as so many people have different views on it, some celebrate it because of Jesus Christ and the Bible and others just celebrate as an occasion.Which is giving each other chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts and seeing family etc. Others might not even celebrate it at all, which is ok to. Then I thought well how ever you decide to spend your Easter, I hope it’s a good one and how you spend it makes you happy.

Even if your not receiving an Easter egg of someone, go buy yourself one and enjoy it, its Easter so don’t feel guilty about the chocolate your eating, it’s an excuse right? Another thing that comes hand in hand with Easter is holidays, which means people get time of work!! In the UK we get a 4 day weekend, so make the most of it, see your family, scoff chocolate, enjoy the spring weather and RELAX.

 Happy Friday and Happy Easter for Sunday!


Feel Good Friday: Boring Friday Night? Pamper Time.



So this post is one of those really typical blogs aimed at girls.  If you’re at home flicking through the TV and film channels looking for something to watch and wishing you we’re out at that party or out drinking with your friends, then this could be an idea for you! Instead of moping and feeling sorry for yourself, take some time for yourself and have a pamper evening! I have made a list of things you are going to need for the perfect pamper session, to leave you feeling ready to take on the weekend.

1. Take your make up off! No I don’t mean grab a make up wipe, I mean grab your cleanser and really clean the make up that has been sitting on your face all day off. It will leave you feeling fresh faced and ready for the next steps I’m going to mention.

2. Run a hot bath with your favourite bubble bath, bath bomb or bath oil, have dim lighting and light a candle to really relax you. Whilst the bath is running, start applying a face mask of your choice, so your skin can have a treat whilst you’re soaking up the bubbles!

3. Relax in bath and try to switch your mind off, in the bath take the time to shave your legs so you feel as smooth as a baby’s bum and try using a body scrub after to leave your skin even silkier! Last but not least wash of the face mask to reveal your pampered face!

4. Once your out the bath grab your cosiest, most comfortable PJ’s ready to put on. First make sure you moisturize your body now its super soft and also don’t think forget to apply the rest of your facial skin care. Your skin is feeling noticeably nourished, face and body!

5. Next put some music, a TV programme, film or a YouTube video on to watch whilst you give your hands and feet some attention. Time to pick out some nail polish colours and give your hands and feet a manicure and pedicure. Being just out the bath is the best time to push your cuticle’s back because there soft. File and buff those nails and don’t forget to apply a top and base coat before and after your chosen colour, this will protect your nails and help the nail polish last longer!


This isn’t a step but adding chocolate and a hot drink of your choice in here somewhere is definitely a winner! After all these steps you will be feeling relaxed and ready to take on the weekend and all its shenanigans. When everyone’s complaining about being tired and hung over, you are going to be feeling and looking better than ever!

Happy Friday,


Top 5 Lush Bath Bombs


As people who know me and read my blogs would know, I am a big lover of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. So I thought I would share my top 5 lush bath bombs in no particular order from the permanent range. I’m sure I have lots I like from each seasonal range, for instance I want to try nearly all the new Easter range. I didn’t want to talk about something from say Valentines day or Christmas that you can’t buy or go smell at the moment! They aren’t the cheapest bath products you can buy but I think they are worth the money. Purely for the excitement I get of watching them fizz in the bath, change my bath water pretty colours, the pretty design of them and of course the amazing variety of scents! 


This is the perfect bath bomb to use in the evening before bed. The main scent of this bath bomb is lavender and malt,  lush describes the malt scent as ‘benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink’ which is why I think I like this so much. It’s not too floral even though lavender is the main scent,  you also get a hint of sweetness making this a really pretty scent. Lavender is known for its sleep inducing properties, so this bath bomb is exactly what you need if you want to relax. Its pink on the outside but once you pop this into your bath it fizzes and around and creates a multi-coloured fizz in your bath, then leaves your water a deep purple colour!

Blackberry Bath Bomb

I only recently tried this bath bomb, it never really appealed to me as its one of the simpler looking bath bombs lush do. I can honestly say I LOVE this so much!  The scent of this is amazing its a blackberry and musque scent, its super feminine but not too sweet and sickly! The smell of this really fills the room and lingers on your skin for ages, this bath bomb is also meant to be super relaxing and relieve nervous tension and stress, perfect for an anxious person like me! It might not look very exciting but it smells amazing and once its done fizzing around your bath, you will see a piece of saying ‘BOOM’ which is a cute and quirky touch and your bath is left a pretty purple colour!


Another bath bomb that looks plain on the outside but smells delicious and leaves your skin moisturised! The smell of this is very clean, fresh and subtly sweet, it contains cocoa butter, vanilla and musk! The best bit about this bath bomb is the chunks of cocoa butter that are released into your bath as it fizzes around. You can feel the moisturising residue on your skin in the bath and it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised without being greasy!


This bath bomb looks like a little lilac flying saucer with rose gold dust sprinkled on top.  It’s so pretty and the scent is just as pretty and girly. It’s very fruity and sweet, with grapefruit oils, bergamot oil and almond oil. It has popping candy inside so it crackles and fizzes when you pop it into your bath, slightly more exciting than your regular bubble bath, I think you’ll agree!


This is a new favourite of mine, lush says this is perfect if you need to improve your mood or put you in the right one wink wink (naughty!). The scent of this bath bomb is beautiful it’s  a really sexy and feminine scent as the name would suggest. It contains  jasmine absolute,  ylang ylang and clary sage oils! This is definitely a very floral smell and its very strong, which I really like as it fills the room with its smell and lingers on your skin. Of course you can’t fault lush for their bath bomb designs and this one doesn’t t disappoint.  It’s a pink and purple two-tone colour with a cute rice paper flower that floats and dissolves into your bath, what more could you want!


What are your favourite Lush bath bombs?

Anna x