Feel Good Friday: A Bunch Of Things That Make Me Smile

So I’m going to be completely real with you guys and admit I am having a serious case of writers block at the moment. Some might say this post is silly and not very well thought through others might say its a good idea and hopefully it made them smile to, either way I’m posting it! This is going to be a load of random pictures, GIF’s and videos that I find way too amusing! I mean laughing and smiling makes you feel good right? so this post applies! I hope some of you find these things as funny as I do and that they make you smile even if it’s just a little! Ready?


‘Nicking food of someone else’s plate’


‘Trying to get in the bath after working out and having sore legs’



Alpacas are just funny!



‘I spy patrick’



Apparently I find a kangaroo and a sloth scratching their stomachs amusing!



As you can see all the things I find amusing here are mostly animals because animals just do funny things! I could have picked tons more pictures, GIF’s and videos but I narrowed it down!

Let me know down below if any of these things made you smile or laugh!

Happy Friday,


Feel Good Friday: Penguins?

So I have a book called ‘Everything is going to be ok’ and it is basically pages of quotes and pictures that are inspiring! Its one of those novelty books that could be classed as a ‘coffee table book’ that you or a guest can just flick through, but I love the cover so much I have it on display on a shelf in my room. This weeks post is going to be a bit different but it is related to a quote like normal but instead of me writing about it, it’s mainly going to be pictures! 


The quote I have chosen is…


“One cannot be angry when one looks at a penguin”

When I first read this quote it made me laugh, and me and my mum used to joke about imagining being in the middle of an argument and whipping out a picture of a penguin and just holding it in front of the really angry person. I think it could possibly work, I would not be able to keep a straight face if someone done that to me, so I thought we could test this theory out!

Here are some pictures and GIF’s of penguins, lets see if seeing the penguins makes you smile, feel happier or less angry if you are!









Did it work? are you smiling? Comment down below if you are!

Happy Friday


Feel Good Friday


Lately since I have been feeling more positive and optimistic I have really been looking around me and appreciating things more and feeling very grateful for my family and also the support and happiness that has and is still growing within me since starting this blog.

The quote above is so true you should never ever sacrifice your family for anything, they are some of the people that we can rely on most in our lives, as I have found, when I’ve had no close friends my family have become my support and friends! You should never sacrifice your heart either, and by this I think it means always be true to yourself and who you are and never sacrifice your heart and happiness for someone who doesn’t appreciate your talents and how special in your very own way you are. Lastly dignity, this relates to not sacrificing your heart to, I think this means have enough dignity to walk away from anything that does not serve you a purpose or make you happy and never sacrifice your dignity in fear of not pleasing other people and them not liking you, have enough respect for yourself or people will walk all over you and not respect you.  So keep your family close, stay true to yourself and always have enough dignity to walk away from anyone who doesn’t believe in you and respect you. Today try to take a second and look around you and see all the good things you have to be grateful for, whether you’re going through a tough time or not, try to find a light in the darkness you’re facing!

Happy Friday ♥

Anna x

Feel Good Friday


 I will start off by apologising  for the lack of blog posts recently, but my keyboard is broken so I am borrowing one until mine is fixed,I think I am suffering with blogging withdrawals, so its good to be back at it! The picture above made me laugh so I thought I would make it apart of today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ blog post, I love music, it has helped me through so many of my struggles with OCD and Depression. I love how a song can make you feel so many emotions, and there is one for every mood you have, happy, inspired, in love or sad etc, there is nothing better than listening to a song and relating to every single lyric in it. Its almost like some ones written a song to explain how you feel at that current time and its really comforting to be able to relate to something so much.

I cannot imagine a world without music, it would be awful, wouldn’t it? I love whacking on my favourite songs and singing really badly and loud along with them, it makes me very happy, and I like to play music obnoxiously loud, sorry not sorry to any members to my family or neighbours that get annoyed by this! I think its important to appreciate and cherish the free things  in life which can make us happy, so put on your favourite feel good song ( I recommend Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen) this song always gets me singing, turn it up and sing like  nobody’s business, if it makes YOU happy!

Happy Friday♥

Anna x

Feel Good Friday


I found this quote on Tumblr and I think its something we should all live by, not only always find a reason to laugh, but always find a reason to never give up when times get tough.  When all your problems feel so big, look for the simple things in life that make you a little more happy as its true what they say ‘It’s the simple things in life’, a lot of the time its the simple and little things we remember most or look back on and feel comfort in. It may not make you feel instantly better and like the quote says it may not add years on to your life but it will definitely add life to your years, life is short, so remember to laugh and appreciate those simple little things we love.

 I decided to write a list of 50 things I love or that make me happy, whether its something big or something small, I want to look at the list when I’m down and remember all the good things I have to not be down about and although I may not feel like there’s anything to feel happy about at the time that, I won’t always feel like that, just a little reminder to myself that, even if you feel down there are lots of reasons to never give up and to stay positive about!

1. Coming home from being in the rain or freezing cold, making a hot drink, running a bath and putting your cosy pjs on!

2. Coming home from being out and seeing my dog so happy to see me


3. Singing at the top of your voice and playing that song you love at the time over and over again

4. Reminiscing about memories with family and friends

5.Looking forward to your favourite tv series and programs to come on tv

6. Getting into bed after a long day

7. Sitting in front of a fire when your really cold

8. Cute vintage shops


9. Country pubs

10. The country side

11. Vases of flowers

My Mums Daffodils

12. Looking at old photos


13. Sleeping in freshly washed bedding

14. The smell of clean washing

15. The smell of coffee being made

16. Summer BBQ’S

17. That attraction between you and someone else

18. When my dog chooses to come and snuggle with me, it makes me feel special

19. Buying new things and unpacking it all when you get home

20.  Holding hands with someone you like


21. Finding money you didn’t know you had

22. Feeling loved

23. Listening to old songs that I used to love

24. Eating your favourite food

25. The smell of freshly baked cupcakes

26. Bath bombs

27. Baking and decorating cup cakes

28. When you achieve something and feel proud of yourself

29. Lazy days


30. Sunday roasts

31. Watching someone talented paint and draw


32.  When you order something online and it finally arrives at the door

33. Markets

34. Having an ice-cold drink when you really thirsty

35. Candles

36. Inspiring quotes

37. When someone plays with my hair

38. When my hairs really soft and I play with it

39. Beaches

40. Walking my dog along the beach and seeing her play in the sea

41. When the sky and clouds look pretty


42. DVD nights

43. Chinchillas


44.  The smell of tea bags

45. Biscuits dipped in tea


46. Romantic comedies

47. The zoo

48. Fairy lights and Christmas lights


49.  When someone unexpectedly does something nice for you or buys you something

50. Polaroid photos


I found writing this list really hard, probably because I forget to acknowledge these little things I love on a daily basis, let me know in the comments if you decide to write a list of 50 things that make you happy or you love, or link me to your post!

Feel Good Friday

So for today’s Feel Good Friday post I wanted to do something a bit different rather than me just writing about a topic. I have chosen a song that I really like because of the lyrics,  there’s not much else I need to say about the song as the lyrics speak for themself, it’s just a really positive lovely song, I hope you like the song as much as I do and I hope you guys are feeling good on this Friday and have a lovely weekend ♥

Feel Good Friday.


   There is something about having flowers in my room or around my house that is really uplifting and makes me happy, It’s probably a girl thing, so sorry boys this one might not be very relevant to you. So I bought me and my mum a bunch of daffodils each for £1 in Tesco the other day (bargain) and there is something about flowers that lift your mood, even if it’s just for a second when you notice them, but there pretty, they smell nice and they come in so many variety and colours. They just remind me of happiness and summer, and I normally hate buying flowers that are just buds and haven’t flowered yet because I’m impatient and wanted them to look nice, but it’s actually a good thing, its nice waking up each day and noticing more and more flowers appear from the buds that were there before. Also with all the grey cold weather about at the moment and everyone missing summer, flowers remind me off summer so its like having a little bit of spring and summer around the house, even though its icky weather outside.

My Mums Daffodils

My Mums Daffodils

So your probably thinking why are you telling me about your love for flowers? well I think you should treat yourself, don’t wait for your boyfriend, husband or a special occasion to be bought flowers, go by some for yourself, because you deserve to treat yourself and love yourself. If you don’t want to buy flowers for yourself, buy them for your Mum, Sister, Girlfriend, Nan, Aunty or whoever that important female in your life may be (or male), surprise them, show them you care and your thankful for everything they always do. I think we always wait for a special occasion or moment to buy someone flowers or a little present, but I think a random cute surprises are the best, when you’re not expecting something, it really makes you feel special that they thought of you. Not only will they enjoy seeing pretty flowers, they will think of you and what you done for them every time they look at them and feel happy.