January 2015 Birchbox Review

 I was typing the title to this blog post, when I began typing 2014, it then dawned on me this is my first blog post of 2015 and my first Birchbox review in a new year, where did the time go?! I hope all of your new years have started well and continue to do so!

Right, on to the reason I’m doing this blog post, my January Birchbox. This month Birchbox teamed up with ‘Womens Health’ (the magazine company) to create this New Year inspired box of goodies. I think it’s the perfect choice of theme considering a large amount of people’s new years resolutions will be to shift the pounds piled on over Christmas and to become fit and healthy by exercising more and eating healthier! Along with all the products I received in my box, came a little booklet containing challenges all aimed at promoting better health! If you want to find out more about Birchbox’s beauty box subscription or want to receive your own January Birchbox, check out birchbox.co.uk.

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Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion, RRP: £12

The first product I received was a cooling lotion, This product contains a menthol formula to help cool you down after a work out. It contains scents such as pepper, zesty lemon and refreshing eucalyptus, it also contains vitamin E to repair and hydrate the skin. I can’t wait to work out, have a shower and try this out, it sounds really refreshing, which is exactly want you want after a hot and sweaty work out!

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Green People Intensive Repair Shampoo, RRP: £11.95

Hair care is something I don’t get very excited about, I tend to just use a shampoo on offer from the supermarket such as Tresemme or Herbal Essences. That being said it is still nice have a change and try a higher end shampoo. This shampoo is for repairing dry, damaged and coloured hair, which is perfect considering I dye my hair.  Its free from parabans, chemicals and artificial nasties, containing ingredients like green tea, yucca, aloe vera, sandalwood and orange. I hope this product isn’t so hydrating it makes my hair limp and lifeless, I will definitely be popping this in the shower and giving it ago.

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Korres Cirtus Shower Gel  RRP: £8

You can’t go wrong with receiving shower gel samples, you’re always going to need it, this one is in a lovely zesty citrus scent. The only problem is, I think Birchbox has sent me this in a previous box, which I don’t mind as it’s a lovely product but I’d prefer to receive something different. None the less this will get enjoyed and used.

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Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, RRP: £45

The problem with me receiving skin care samples is I am often afraid to use them as I have such sensitive skin and blemish prone skin. I stick to the same skin care and don’t like to switch it about too much, that being said this product does sound perfect for my skin. You apply this before moisturising as you do with most serums, It’s for all skin types, oil free and free from irritating chemicals etc.

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Stila Lip Glaze in the shade Kitten, RRP: £15

Ah a make up item, my favourite. I always love receiving make up items in my Birchbox’s as I am make up obsessed. I hear so much about Stila but have yet to try something from the brand, so I can’t wait to use this. It’s in a lovely nudey peach shade with gold shimmer running through it, it’s a very wearable shade and think it would look lovely over a nude lip. Very pleased with this.

Lifestyle Products

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Embrace Matcha Green Tea (30 Servings), RPP: £24.99

The first lifestyle item I received is a sachet of green tea. I think this is a powder not a tea bag and it contains up 10 times more nutrients than a regular cup of green tea! Green tea is known for its health benefits and this one can not only be drank like a cup of tea, it can be blended into smoothies, juices and served hot or cold. I wish I could get used to the unusual taste of green tea but I have yet to be able to enjoy a cup, I will definitely give this one a go though. I love trying new teas and other healthy drinks or snacks.

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Birchbox & Womens Health Exclusive Pilates Band

At first I thought this was a weird, rubbery over sized head band but after reading the card with the list of items in my Bichbox, I realised it was infact a resistance band used for exercising. I’m not sure whether this will get any use but it’s definitely something I might consider.

I don’t think this months box was my favourite but I’m never ungrateful as you can’t always love everything you receive in subscription boxes. Did you receive a Birchbox this month, what were your thoughts?


November 2014 Birchbox Review

Another Birchbox review and let me tell you this month is a gooden! Birchbox says ‘The November 2014 Cosy at Home Birchbox has come to the rescue with a selection of beauty fixes and pick me ups, perfect for the cold wintery days and nights ahead’. Sounds perfect, the winter air can really play havoc with our skin and hair! If you want to find out more about what Birchbox is or even want to order your own, head on over to the website HERE.

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Dr. Jart+ V7 Relief Vita Drop, Full Size – £26

The first and big item I saw in the box was this Dr Jart+ moisturiser, for sensitive and stressed skin, this is like a cooling gel consistency which feels very light but is still meant to be super hydrating for your skin. I have been using this for past week and I must say I’m not that keen. It is just too light for me, I don’t feel like I’ve moisturised my skin properly. However it isn’t terrible I just prefer my current moisturiser and will be going back to it. I was very grateful and pleased to receive this full size product by a brand I’ve heard lots about but never tried. I think this might work for some people but it just didn’t for me.

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Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask, Full size – £16

I remember getting a sample of the shampoo and conditioner by this brand in a previous Birchbox and I really liked it. I love the smell of this brands products. I’m not an avid hair mask user as my hair is very already very soft but I will defintely give these a go and hopefully they wont weigh my hair down. I think this is another generous sample size from Birchbox and I love that they come in little pots, which are easy to store in the shower (unlike little packet samples).


Lord & Berry Bronzer, Full Size £19

I’m not sure which shade the bronzer I received was as there were two you could have received. I’ve been using this cute sample size bronzer non stop for the past week and I really like it. It’s a perfect matte bronze shade for my skin, and I love contouring with it. I think it’s a decent sample size as although it looks small, it will last quite a while. Make up items are my favourite things to receive and I was very pleased with this item, so much so I might buy the full size!


OPI Coca-Cola Red, Full Size £11.95

This is possibly one of the products I was most excited to see in my box . I’ve never owned an OPI nail polish but know they are mean’t to be amazing, so I can’t wait to try this one! I love how christmassy this shade is, it’s a bright ‘coca-cola’ cherry red as the name suggests and its another full size product. The nail varnish alone is almost the cost of the Birchbox itself!

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Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil, Full Size £14.95

I have never used a facial oil in fear it will make my skin greasy and cause a huge breakout. Birchbox says this facial oil is ‘Designed with sensitive and unbalanced skin types in mind and perfect protection against the elements for your skin’. I was pleased with the size of the sample as it means I can give it a good try. It isn’t the consistency I expected its more of a dry oil than a greasy oil which is great for someone like me who’s worried about making their skin too greasy. My skins been rubbish at the moment so its hard to tell if my skin liked this or not. It has definitely opened my mind to facial oils so I’m going to keep using it when my skin is extra dry!

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Drinkwel Capsule Bottle, Full Size £32.99

This months lifestyle sample was something a little different. These are multi vitamin tablets with a difference, they are specifically designed to help with hangovers. You take 3 a day with food then after you’ve had a big night out, take 3 before you go to bed and apparently these will help you shift that hangover you’d normally get the next day! I’m not a big drinker so I will either let someone else try these or maybe I will give them ago next time I’m planning on getting drunk. I think it’s quite nice to receive something a little different!

That is everything I received in this months box and all and all I was very pleased.  What did you guys receive in your Birchbox and which product was your favourite?


September 2014 Birchbox Review

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Another month, another Birchbox. This months Birchbox theme is ‘Happy Days’. They decided to create this box with this particular theme because September is the month where a lot of people are going back to school.  If like me your not going back to school it’s also about reminiscing about happy memories from those times, but also being excited to create new happy memories at school or outside of, I think it’s a cute idea. If you like the look of what I got in my Birchbox make sure you head on over to the Birchbox website and order yours now!

Lets get started…



Caudalie Divine Oil 15ml – Full Size from 50 ml £18

The first item I received is the Caudalie Divine Oil. This dry oil is a multi purpose product which can be used on your hair, face and body. Caudalie is a really luxurious brand and I think this is quite generous sample size. This sample is in a glass bottle which makes it feel all the more luxurious(just me? it’s the simple things). Birchbox says ‘it has a delicate scent’, which I agree with, it does have a very pretty scent. Although I don’t use many oil products, I’m sure me or my mum will get some use out of this product. I am interested to see if it sinks in and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy like it says.


Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream 3g – Fullsize £25.50

The next product I was very pleased to receive. Benefit is a high-end popular brand that do some lovely products, so being able to try samples from the brand makes me rather happy. My first thoughts were how blooming cute the tiny sample pot was! This product is meant to banish dark circles and smooth fine lines, you only need a tiny bit round your eyes so I think this sample will go quite far. I have used this a few times and did notice a few red blotches around my eyes, but I cant be sure its down to this product. All and all I was very happy to receive this.


Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub Full Size £25

Another product I was quite happy to receive, as I have recently run out of face scrub! I’m not sure this little sample would be quite enough for the body so I’m going to be use be using it on my face. It’s a creamy consistency with olive granules to scrub yourself to smooth skin. The brand says its great for blemishes and blocked pores, so hopefully this doesn’t bring me out in spots, my skin seems to be very sensitive at the moment!


ModelCo Lip Laquer In ‘Morroco’ – Full Size £15

This was the only product I knew I was getting. At the end of august or start of  September the lovely Birchbox  gave everyone a chance to pick between a lip product in a shade from a few options or  a mascara. I chose a lip product because I am a bit obsessed with lip products. This is a really natural peachy nude and I have worn this already, it’s not sticky like some lip glosses can be! ModelCo says it provides a long-lasting colour and plenty of hydration!


Agave Healing Oil Treatment 4 ml – Fullsize from 60ml £16

I received another oil product in this months box which I wasn’t too pleased about, I think I might give this one to my mum as it sounds perfect for her hair! The brand describes this as an oil treatment that is light, smooths hair, build resiliency and boosts shine and colour.  As I’ve said before I’m not keen on using any smoothing or oil products on my hair just because my hairs so soft and straight as it is, I want to add volume and I don’t find these products do!



Birchbox Happy Days Photo Clip

This item links in with the theme of making new memories and remembering old ones by clipping a new or old favourite photo in Birchboxes very own ‘Happy Days’ photo clip. This is a cute little touch but I’m not sure if I will use it. They remind me of how I used to display pictures when I was younger, so I am a bit undecided!


Urban Fruit ‘Smashing Strawberry’

Last but not least, this months lifestyle item were these mini bags of  dried fruit. I got strawberry which I was pleased about because I love dried strawberry and you hardly ever see them in the supermarkets! I ate these just before writing this and they were so good, taste like sweets but are healthier!

When I saw the spoilers for this months box I wasn’t very excited but it turns out I quite liked this box!

If you got Birchbox’s September box, which was your favourite product you received?


August 2014 Birchbox Review


This months Birchbox theme is ‘Away We Go’ celebrating the fun of summer holidays away and adventures, very appropriate considering everyone seems to have been or are going on holiday recently! The items inside this months Birchbox are meant to be perfect for you during your travels! As any past Birchbox subscribers may know the products usually come in a cute Birchbox bag, but this time the products came in an even cuter mini toiletries bag, perfect to put your travel minis in! If you like the look of this months Birchbox, head on over to the website and order yours before the end of the month and see what exciting treats you receive.





Liaison De Parfum Resist Me Eau De Parfum 2ml Fullsize: £105.00

The first product I received was this perfume sample, excuse the ripped bit on the packaging, I opened it to smell it before I took the pictures! I like the fact it comes in a mini spray bottle its perfect to pop into your handbag or suitcase to take away with you! I love the fact that this is a really luxurious perfume full size at £105.00, it’s always nice being able to try samples of luxury products. Although I must say I’m not a fan of the scent, it’s very spicy with notes of bergamot, lemon, leather and lavender. I usually go for sweet and fresh scents. I will be passing this onto someone who does enjoy the scent of this.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel 25ml Fullsize: £7.15

I’ve actually already used this product up. I love receiving bath products its something I’m always going to use as I love a good bubble bath. It was a nice product and I enjoyed using it but I can’t say I noticed anything too special. The scent is a very subtle fresh, spa scent. It contains minerals found in the springs of the dead sea that Birchbox says leaves you feeling ‘revitalised, relaxed and rejuvenated’. Would I pay £7.15 for the full size of this product, I’m not sure I would, because there are cheaper bubble baths I feel the same about, but I did enjoy trying the product.


Number 4 Luminere D’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect 30 ml Fullsize: £20.00

This product is a multi use hair product, Birchbox says it’s ‘Strengthening, repairing, de tangling, great at taming flyaway ends as well as nourishing and protecting’!! I’m not a huge hair care girl but I am looking forward to giving more products ago. I’ve never tried a product like this just because my hairs already too soft sometimes and isn’t ever very knotty, but I will definitely try this out for when my hairs in need of some TLC or when I’ve had my hair shoved up all day and brushing through it hurts, hopefully this will help me out! It’s also sulphate and paraben free, which is perfect for coloured hair like mine.




Wild About Beauty Powder Eyeshadow £13.00

This was the product I was most excited about, I am a make up addict and love trying new make up products. I have never heard of this brand, it was founded by makeup artist Kim Jacob and TV personality Louise Rednapp. I love the packaging and embossed be in the eyeshadow, I also love the colour, it’s a beautiful bronze, copper colour. Above is a picture of this on my eyes with a shade called ‘Trick’ from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette over the top, which is a very sparkly copper but without a base isn’t very opaque, this colour is perfect underneath or just as a pretty on it its own.


The Proposal By Tasmina Perry One Chapter Sample Fullsize: £7.99

The lifestyle item I received this month was a one chapter book sample. I’ve never heard or seen a book sample before but I think it’s a really cute idea. I’m not a massive reader but I’m definitely going to give this chapter a read and see if I like the sound of it. I think this is a nice thing to receive.

What did you receive in your Birchbox?