Feel Good Friday: Rekindle Your Love For A Hobby

I expect we have all had hobbies and things we enjoyed doing in the past but have just grown up and forgotten about our love for them. For me its drawing. Last week I decided randomly that I wanted to draw a picture, when I was younger I used to love drawing and art was my favourite subject ever. I drew a picture and was quite pleased, it wasn’t perfect but I realised how much I loved drawing and how I’ve missed it and not even realised. I love getting creative, feeling like I’m going to give up on the drawing then carrying on and being pleased with the result! I think drawing is really therapeutic and its something I can do without using a laptop or phone (we all know we spend too much time on them). Even if it’s just a phase I think rekindling your love with a hobby you used to love is good, you never know it could be the start of something great and something you want to carry on doing!

Do something that you used to love doing that doesn’t involved technology whether it be drawing like me, painting, building something out of clay, building something in general, writing a story, bike riding, running, swimming, photography whatever it is, use your talent and passion. I think amongst are jobs and daily life we forget we are quite talented and had hobbies when we were younger,  it’s not like at school where there were so many subjects and things we were doing daily to realise what are talents are.Doing something you enjoy, that you can feel proud of and like you have achieved something. makes us feel good about ourselves! It’s nice to remember we aren’t just our jobs, our social lives and social media pages, we are talented individuals and we don’t use are talents enough. So here are the pictures I have drawn whilst rekindling my love for it, there not perfect and I am not an artist but considering how long its been since I’ve drawn a thing, I’m pretty pleased and I enjoyed doing it!

IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1256 IMG_1257

Happy Friday beautiful readers,


Feel Good Friday.

I think as humans we compare ourselves to people we think our better than ourselves A LOT. I think it is quite natural to do that, although I don’t think its a healthy thing to do, its hard not too. Even from a young age I think we do it, we see that girl or boy who is really good at drawing, sport or their hand writing is neater than yours, and you can’t help but get that disappointed feeling along with thoughts like ‘I wish I was like them’ or ‘I’m so rubbish, such and such a person can do this, I can’t’!

As we get older I think we do it even more so and I think young adults like myself in particular are very critical of ourself and compare our ability’s and looks to other people our age all the time! I am forever looking at girls and thinking ‘Why don’t I look like her, she is so pretty’ ‘Why aren’t I skinny like her’ ‘I wish I looked like her’ and at the end of the day I don’t, which should be ok with me as I am who I am! But it’s very hard accepting yourself as you are with all the flaws we recognise in ourselves, but I think its important to remember that person you’re looking at and wishing you we’re like, probably looks at you and sees something in you they wish they could do/ have. I think we always want what we don’t have, we could be really good at art, yet you see that person that’s good at maths and think ‘I’m so dumb all I can do is draw’ and that person may look at you and think ‘I Wish I was more creative’.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be so hard on yourselves, you can’t compare yourselves to something you’re not, when you think about it, its silly, you can’t judge yourself and other people on what they can’t do. Everyone is talented, but if you compare yourself to someone with completely different talents than you, you’re going to live your whole life believing your not good at anything! Remember you are a genius at something, doesn’t matter if it’s the same as another person!