Feel Good Friday: Boring Friday Night? Pamper Time.



So this post is one of those really typical blogs aimed at girls.  If you’re at home flicking through the TV and film channels looking for something to watch and wishing you we’re out at that party or out drinking with your friends, then this could be an idea for you! Instead of moping and feeling sorry for yourself, take some time for yourself and have a pamper evening! I have made a list of things you are going to need for the perfect pamper session, to leave you feeling ready to take on the weekend.

1. Take your make up off! No I don’t mean grab a make up wipe, I mean grab your cleanser and really clean the make up that has been sitting on your face all day off. It will leave you feeling fresh faced and ready for the next steps I’m going to mention.

2. Run a hot bath with your favourite bubble bath, bath bomb or bath oil, have dim lighting and light a candle to really relax you. Whilst the bath is running, start applying a face mask of your choice, so your skin can have a treat whilst you’re soaking up the bubbles!

3. Relax in bath and try to switch your mind off, in the bath take the time to shave your legs so you feel as smooth as a baby’s bum and try using a body scrub after to leave your skin even silkier! Last but not least wash of the face mask to reveal your pampered face!

4. Once your out the bath grab your cosiest, most comfortable PJ’s ready to put on. First make sure you moisturize your body now its super soft and also don’t think forget to apply the rest of your facial skin care. Your skin is feeling noticeably nourished, face and body!

5. Next put some music, a TV programme, film or a YouTube video on to watch whilst you give your hands and feet some attention. Time to pick out some nail polish colours and give your hands and feet a manicure and pedicure. Being just out the bath is the best time to push your cuticle’s back because there soft. File and buff those nails and don’t forget to apply a top and base coat before and after your chosen colour, this will protect your nails and help the nail polish last longer!


This isn’t a step but adding chocolate and a hot drink of your choice in here somewhere is definitely a winner! After all these steps you will be feeling relaxed and ready to take on the weekend and all its shenanigans. When everyone’s complaining about being tired and hung over, you are going to be feeling and looking better than ever!

Happy Friday,


Feel Good Friday: Memories


Yesterday I was feeling all emotional looking at my Baby book and thinking of when I was a child. I don’t know why but looking at old stuff reminds me of who I was and who I want to be as in this crazy modern life we live, It’s easy to get lost in life stresses and petty arguments about things that aren’t important. When I look back at me as a child and all the memories I have kept in a big box, it feels me with many emotions, sadness because I’m not where I’d think I would be when I was a child instead I’m fighting OCD, depression and anxiety but at the same time happiness for all the great things I have done and its a reminder that even though things can seem tough at times, I didn’t always feel like that and I won’t always feel the way I might do right now. You can check yourself and go back to that same happiness just as an adult or slightly older person that’s gained some life skills. Hold on to memories and when you feel like you don’t know who you are or who you want to be, look back at old things and remind yourself of where you came from, where it all started. I feel so grateful to have the family I do and looking back at the memories makes me realise who the few people are who have stuck by me since day 1 no matter what. My family. Which I am so grateful for as I know some people aren’t as lucky as me.

I keep all my memories in a box under my bed from medals, swimming badges, gymnastics leotards, my brownie sash, things from holidays, photos etc all sorts,  I also have other big things that don’t fit into this box like toys in my loft! I love looking through it every now and then, don’t ever throw away those memories keep them and then you can look back and feel all nostalgic and re live them with the people you shared them with. Memories are priceless, compared to the superficial things we spend our money on, nothing can replace the feelings and sentimental value of the items that bring back happy memories.

I apologise for the quality of the photographs in this post, blame the photographer who definitely wasn’t me (cough cough).

 My huge over filled box of memories!


 Below is my  teeny tiny gymnastic leotards,  I done gymnastics from a very young age until I was about 11! Here’s a fun fact about the long-sleeved leotard, I actually came home from gymnastics one night and waited to long for the toilet then as you can imagine it’s not the best thing to be wearing when you’re in a hurry to get to the toilet, unfortunately the damage was done, I wet myself, luckily I was at home, TMI?


In the next photo is my Disney jumper from Florida, my brownie sash full of badges, a  giraffe puppet I made in year 6 and last but not least a huge folder of badges, the certificate showing in the picture was a swimming achievement, I loved swimming and have tons of certificate and badges from that!



In the above picture there is a signature book from Florida, that lady’s and gentlemen is the REAL Aladdin’s autograph ;), on the right hand side I have balloon  that was given to me on my 18th birthday as 18 is one of those big birthdays in England! To the left is my baby book which I was reading through yesterday and one of the things I liked from the ‘first time’ section was this..

1902971_10153882330890467_1401549084_n (1)

My mum said she wrote this just because I had a strong neck but I like to thing it’s because I have been holding my head high since day 1 and I still am no matter what!


This picture is a photo from my baby book of my brother holding me when I was just born, look how pleased he is with his perfect baby sis!


Last but not least a video of me doing trampolining and as you can see from the date its old, 1998 I was only 4! I love watching this I was the  cutest thing, I want to get this put onto DVD as its pretty hard to come by a video player now a days!

Happy Friday,

Let me know in the comments if you have a box full of memories or if you like to hoard that sort of thing!


Feel Good Friday


 I will start off by apologising  for the lack of blog posts recently, but my keyboard is broken so I am borrowing one until mine is fixed,I think I am suffering with blogging withdrawals, so its good to be back at it! The picture above made me laugh so I thought I would make it apart of today’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ blog post, I love music, it has helped me through so many of my struggles with OCD and Depression. I love how a song can make you feel so many emotions, and there is one for every mood you have, happy, inspired, in love or sad etc, there is nothing better than listening to a song and relating to every single lyric in it. Its almost like some ones written a song to explain how you feel at that current time and its really comforting to be able to relate to something so much.

I cannot imagine a world without music, it would be awful, wouldn’t it? I love whacking on my favourite songs and singing really badly and loud along with them, it makes me very happy, and I like to play music obnoxiously loud, sorry not sorry to any members to my family or neighbours that get annoyed by this! I think its important to appreciate and cherish the free things  in life which can make us happy, so put on your favourite feel good song ( I recommend Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen) this song always gets me singing, turn it up and sing like  nobody’s business, if it makes YOU happy!

Happy Friday♥

Anna x